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Baby Hats

Baby Hats

For a Cold Baby
It’s well known that baby’s lose the majority of their heat through their heads. The fine nature of their hair allows heat to escape quickly, leaving baby cold and uncomfortable. However, trying to make an active baby wear a hat can be tiresome, as they will often pull at the foreign object making short work of your good intentions. Our funky baby hats are made with 100% cotton that when worn feels soft to the touch allowing baby to enjoy the feel while you relax knowing baby’s needs are taken care of.
For a Hot Baby
As our funky hats our all made from breathable cotton, they allow air to circulate whilst still providing protection against the sun, draughts and the unpredictable weather. Baby will feel comfortable from birth to toddlerhood wearing a hat that protects delicate scalps and ears from the outdoor elements.
For a Fashionable Baby
Our hats for babies are all designed in house to our own specific designs. Each one is completely unique sporting motifs and pictures that are unavailable on baby hats elsewhere. In a range of colours we ensure we always have the perfect infant hat to suit your baby’s outfit, from sweet summer strawberries for a more classical fifties look to our Goth and Emo range that allows you to promote your style using the cutest accessory ever.
For a Mucky Baby
Our baby hats are easy to wash and made from material that resists stains. We understand that active babies can find new and inventive ways of soiling clothes, and so we make sure that each hat will not lose its quality no matter how many times you clean it. The felt backing also ensures that if you and your baby do become caught in the rain, your baby will be protected.
For a Birthday Baby
Our hats make the perfect gift for a baby’s first birthday or for a new born, as our unisex range is contemporary without being boring in their designs. Any family would be pleased when given our baby hats as a gift, as these funky hats promise to set any baby apart from the crowd making them shine like the star they truly are!
Have a look at our other products and see how you can mix and match for the perfect gift set for a baby shower, gift or celebration.

More Reasons to Smile

Now we believe we are giving people even more of a reason to smile, as our baby hats are not only soft and comfortable they are completely unique and bound to bring a grin to anyone’s face.
In a range of colours, we design our hats in house, breaking free from the norm, we listen to your feedback producing funky hats that follow trends as well as making a few new ones. Many of our infant hats are created with convenience in mind, as they effortlessly mix and match with any outfit, adding the cherry to baby’s everyday ensemble.
Any Time of Year
Crafted with 100% cotton our baby hats are perfect for any cold or warm day, as the breathable nature allows air to circulate whilst baby stays protected from the unpredictable elements of the weather. Unlike other hats, baby will hardly realise this is on, as the texture is as soft as baby’s skin itself.
No matter what your style we have a design to suit you, from plain block colours of navy and marl grey, to funky hats that sport Goth and Emo designs, we ensure your baby is always the best dressed from head to tiny toes.
The Perfect Present
Our hats also make the perfect present for the baby who has everything as their quality shines through despite them being easy on the purse. Our unisex hats are ideal for baby showers, as they step away from the traditional beige and white offering contemporary alternatives that harness the style of our times.
We also have classic designs that bring out the best of the fifties and sixties allowing your baby to enjoy your retro style!

Baby Hats for Winter

With Winter on it's way it's more important than ever to get a good hat to keep your baby's head toasty warm, also don't forget hats for a toddler!!