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As parents ourselves we understand that winding and burping takes a lot of time in the beginning. WE empathise with you as you walk the floor waiting for that elusive burp that signifies the tummy ache is over. That is why we developed these shoulder pads to ensure burping your baby is as comfortable as possible for you and your little one.
Our Funky Giraffe shoulder pads fits snugly on any shoulder and won’t fall off due to the nature of the design. Each one is made from 100% breathable brushed cotton that is soft to the touch so when baby rests her head on your shoulder they feel comforted, comfortable and secure.

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Baby Burps and Burp Cloths

All parents know that once the baby arrives, it is time to say goodbye, not just to glamorous or cool looks, but to clean looks all together, Well, for a few months, at least.
It will not be unusual to see a mum or dad going to work with a bit of drool or spit stain on their shoulders. Sounds yuck for those, who have not been there, but really, it is just another badge of parenthood. Of course, if you don’t like the newly-spit-on or ‘I’ve got baby sick’ look, you can always use burp cloths when burping or carrying your baby over your shoulder.
After muslins, burp cloths are probably the next most useful item you can have for looking after babies. Babies tend to spit up extra milk when they burp after feeding. As you tend to put them over your shoulder to burp them, the spit tends to down your shoulder. You can stop this happening by putting the bib that your baby is wearing over your shoulder to line it, but if your baby bring up lots of extra milk, it will not be enough to spare your clothes.
Of course having milk stain on your shoulder is not a real problem, you can always change after all. But if you are rushing to go to work, it is a bit of a nuisance. That is why, burp cloths are really handy.
Burp cloths should be soft enough not to irritate your baby’s face and absorbent enough to soak up extra milk. Additionally, it should be relatively big, possibly the size of a tea towel, to cover a bit of the front and back part of your shoulder. Of course, you don’t need to buy specially made burp cloths; hand towels and cloth diapers are just as excellent in doing the job. However, if you are out and about, it is nice to have something practical and yet presentable. You don’t want to be sitting in a restaurant with a hand towel over your shoulder. It may sound shallow, but for the sake of a few pounds, it doesn’t harm to show people that parenthood does not equate to frumpy style. A stylish burp cloth from Funky Giraffe starts at £4. It is not a lot when compared to other baby items in the market.
How Many Burp Cloths Are Enough?
Breastfed babies tend to feed up to 12 times a day, while bottle-fed may only feed between 8 and 10 times a day. If you are a new mum, and you don’t have any burb cloths to start with, between 20 and 24 burp cloths will be ideal to have. Of course, that’s about £94 in burp cloths if you are paying £4 a piece. That may not sound a lot for some, but for many parents, that is quite a lot of money.
However, you don’t need to buy 24 burp cloths. You may decide to only buy two or four nice burp cloths and use hand towels or tea towels to cover your shoulder while you are at home. Additionally, if you are the creative type and you have the time, you can make up some burp clothes using old towels or inexpensive cotton flannel. Or, if you are making a wish list for your baby present, you can add it on your list. I’m sure your friends will appreciate it if you tell them what you really want. Of course, that is only if you know that they are the kinds of friends who want to give your baby a present when he arrives.
Why Babies Burp
Babies swallow air when they are feeding, whether they are being breastfed or bottle-fed, although they tend to swallow more with the bottle.  Burping is their way of getting rid of the air inside their tummy and making room for some more milk. If they don’t burp and the wind remains, they end up with a tummy ache and will start fussing and crying. Once they do this, they will take in more air, making the situation worse. That is why it is important to burp babies while feeding.
How to Burp Your Baby
The most common method of burping your baby is to put him on your shoulder and rub or pat his back. If this doesn’t work, you can also try laying him on your lap and again, rub or pat his back. Not all let out a big burp, and some, especially breastfed babies, may not burp all the time. If you tried all the burping tricks you know and your baby is quite calm, don’t worry. Your baby may not have swallowed much air at all.
However, if he hasn’t burped and is cranky, be ready as he may throw up. If there is air in his tummy and it is bugging him, it will come out, either as a burp or a sick.