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About Us

Funky Giraffe bibs came to life when a successful fashion designer became a mother for the first time. Unimpressed with the bibs on offer she decided to create her own style of bib that was not only fashionable but practical, affordable and comfortable too.

Mixing all these qualities she brought to market a range of funky bibs that compliment any outfit whilst fitting snugly on the baby. Keeping baby dry and warm is essential in the teething and weaning days, and these bibs do all that and more.

A Day Trip Spawned a Dream

After trying many of the mass produced bibs and being disappointed with the look, the feel and feasibility, she searched for other bibs on the market that would enhance a baby’s outfit whilst being cosy enough for baby not to want to rip it off immediately.

However nothing seemed suitable, so after a day trip with her little one to the zoo, an idea began to form.

Environmentally conscious Yasmin began designing bibs that didn’t look like the more conventional wrap around, but made from sustainable fabrics and soft cotton, she played with designs until these fabulous funky bibs were born.

Now the range increases by the day, there are no twee designs, just plain, simple and concise patterns that compliment any outfit and even grownups would love to wear.

The Comfort of the Funky Giraffe Bib

Each unique bandana bib has been specifically researched to be the best for mum and for baby. Coming with two sets of poppers the dribble bib fits snuggly around baby’s neck ensuring they hardly know it’s there, whilst passers-by will marvel at the unique design. All are made from soft brushed cotton making rashes a thing of the past, and through the teething and weaning stages baby will be kept super dry by the fleece backing that ensures no liquid or dribble seeps through onto baby’s chest or back.

A Happier Baby, a Happier Mum

This really is a match made in heaven, a funky fashion designer and devoted mother using her own work experience as well as the feedback of you the customer to deliver high quality affordable accessories for your beloved baby. Each daring design is completely original and is a wonderful way to add a touch of your own personality to baby’s original outfit.

All mums understand that when the baby is happy the grownups are happy, and a wet and soggy baby is very miserable indeed. These funky bibs aid throughout breastfeeding, dribbling, teething and weaning and are even stylish enough to use, just because! The bandana bibs bring baby into the twenty first century whilst giving an ultra-snug fit that ensures they’ll be happy to wear it.

Easier Weaning is on us!

Every parent struggles with weaning, and the old fashioned baby bibs are hardly worth using. If baby does decide to keep the baby bib on, the light colours of beiges and whites make them impossible to clean and wear for a second time.

As baby tries new foods and gets to grips with chewing, most of it inadvertently ends up all over their chest or face, and as they tug at the awkward bib, many a good outfit can be ruined too.

Many parents empathise when another uses an old towel, a sheet or a cheap looking cover all to shield baby’s clothes from stains, however this may suitable at home, feeding a baby out and about requires a little more style.

Funky Giraffe bibs fit so neatly that baby will think they are part of the outfit. They can be worn before feeding time to fool the little one into seeing it as a fashion accessory rather than a weapon to win the war against weaning.

Tear Free Teething

The dribble bibs also help with teething, a cute baby quickly becomes uneasy with a dribble rash, and if not kept on top of, it can spread. The true nature of these bibs will catch any dribble, whilst the soft cotton is perfect for wiping away moisture from the skin without causing further irritation.

The Brand Expands

Through popular demand our brand is expanding, and although Funky Giraffe bibs are now sold worldwide, the superior quality remains. We have brought our ethics to our new products promising green production, affordability and a snug and comfortable wear across the board.

We will soon stock not only dribble bibs and bandana bibs but also a range of:

  • Messy Bibs – These are larger, still using the same materials they cover all and are more square in the corners ensuring full coverage of baby’s top half. Ideal for those independent babies who like to feed themselves but still have trouble finding their mouths at times!
  • Baby Grows – or baby gro if you prefer. Soft, practical and fashionable, our baby grows are produced ethically and as environmentally friendly as possible, with a range of designs you’ll have the trendiest little one on the block!
  • Romper Suits – In a range of designs using soft comfortable materials, our romper suits are a must have for those active babies!
  • Extra Large Bibs – Ideal for adults or children with special needs, these extra-large bibs ensure clothes are kept clean and dry at feeding time.


Get Involved

As our baby bibs were born from the brains of true parents who wanted fashionable yet affordable comfort for baby, we are always striving to improve our products. Recently we launched a campaign seeking out designs that you want and brought them to life in our designs.

We always love to hear from our customers, so please get involved. Contact us with your wishes and ideas, or join us on Facebook and Twitter where we will keep you up to date with baby news, offers and the day to day goings on at Funky Giraffe Bibs.