Our Bibs


Add those finishing touches to your babies outfit with our range of super cute accessories! It's a great way to make your little bundle of joy look even more gorgeous than they already do. Our range of accessories are perfect for any occasion. 


Our range of baby hairbands are fun, on trend and guaranteed to make your little ones even cuter! Our hairbands come in a variety of styles. Take a look...


Our beautiful range of baby hair clips are famous for staying put in even the teeniest, tiniest bits of baby hair! Our fabulous range of hair clips are for little ones with that little bit more hair. They make a great hair accessory for young girls of all ages. 


Scoods are a practical and safe alternative to a both a Scarf and a Snood. Poppers at the back mean they are easy to put on and like our bibs, they stay on. Scoods are gently elasticated to give a comfy fit.

Scratch Mittens

New-born babies don’t have much control over their hands – and their nails are sharp! Our scratch mittens, made of soft cotton and with elasticated cuffs to hold them in place and offer gentle protection.


Funky Giraffe’s cute baby hats are great at protecting your baby’s or toddler’s head from sun and wind. We use a breathable cotton which we stretch to make sure that the fit is snug and soft.


Simply gorgeous! Take a look at our new collections! Sometimes you need something a bit special for a special day. From tights to headbands our range is will become a firm favourite with your little one.

See why our customers rate our service as excellent.

See why our customers rate our service as excellent