Amazonas Baby World is Germany manufacturer of Baby Slings, Baby Carriers, Carry systems, baby hammocks & children’s hanging chairs. Committed to sustainability and outstanding German quality, Maia's company Ltd is proud to have partnered with Amazonas.

Baby Carriers

Amazonas means German design for the right & healthy way to carry your baby, promoting good bone development for your child and comfort for your back no matter how long you carry your baby.

Mei Tai

For centuries this has been the Asian way to carry babies, Amazonas Mei Tais are designed for your baby to be in the optimal squat position to help develop their spine. It's a gental way to carry your baby and a great way to bond.


Carry Slings keep baby snug and close to the boy and promote the child’s development and attachment ensure better emotional, cognitive and motor skills. Amazonas slings are designed to be high quality, safe and long lasting.

Baby Hammocks

Amazonas Baby Hammocks can be gentley rocked to help your baby to sleep, you can move them around the house and garden to let your baby rest comfortably and secure. 

Hanging Chairs

Amazonas hanging chairs are favourites with kids and liven up any room. Designed in Germany these hammocks and hanging chairs are safe and built to last


From cold floors in winter to a comfy and clean playtime in the garden or parks Amazonas blankets are great for babies, kids and parents to.

See why our customers rate our service as excellent.

See why our customers rate our service as excellent