4 Easy Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

Everyone gets bored with their surroundings once in a while. For those of us with kids, even the thought of remodelling or redecorating is exhausting. However, there are some easy ways to brighten your space that wont drain you or your wallet.
Indoor hanging chairs We all know that the right furniture can really make a room. An interesting coffee table can be a conversation piece in the living room, and an elegant dining set can bring the kitchen or dining area together. In the kids bedrooms, creativity can really play a part in making the space somewhere cosy and special. Loft beds are wildly popular, especially in smaller rooms where floor space may be limited. Indoor hanging chairs, especially near windows, are a perfect spot to curl up with a book, do homework, or take a nap.

Splash some paint around Not literally, of course (however, if you are a budding Jackson Pollock, feel free to take this idea and run with it!). A new coat of paint in a room or two can definitely liven up a drab home. Lighter colours make rooms look bigger, and an accent wall is perfect for larger rooms like living areas. In a childs bedroom or play area, a hand stencilled mural is a great way to cheer up their space.

Speaking of walls... Toddlers are notorious for drawing on walls, so head them off at the pass! Cover one wall with magnetic, chalkboard, or dry erase paint, or make it a true artists studio and use one type of paint per wall. Cork board wall coverings are better for older kids who can be trusted with pins and turns a wall into a giant bulletin board. Another option is to get a spool and a large roll of paper (butchers paper works well) and mount it to the wall so kids can pull the paper down as they need and doodle to their hearts content.

Use mirrors to multiply your space Take a page from the book of interior designers and utilise reflection to breathe new life into a cramped area. Hallways and offices without windows are perfect candidates for this illusion. Take care not to use too many mirrors facing each other, though, or you may end up with more of a fun house look than you wanted.

Sprucing up your space doesnt have to be a month-long chore or cost thousands of pounds. Focus on a room at a time as your schedule and budget allow, and pretty soon your space will be the home of your dreams!

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