4 Top Tips for Pacifying Your Picky Eater

We all know how feeding a baby or toddler can quickly turn mealtime into tantrum time. Here are ways to make feedings less of a battle and more of chance for quality time with your child. While our high-quality baby bibs can absorb plenty of flying food, we know youd rather avoid having the food thrown or spit out in the first place. Here are ways to provide your child with proper nutrition without giving yourself a headache.

Add Options Children this age arent able to make many decisions but giving them the chance to have some control may reduce their resistance to feeding. Youll want to limit their options to two, in order to avoid spending an hour for them to decide. Try let them pick which plate to use or which baby bib design to use.

Avoid Isolation Children often grow to hate meals because they feel trapped and kept away from other people and items of interest. While we dont suggest ditching the high chair, if isolation seems to be an issue, try to keep your wee a part of the party at mealtime. Position the high chair near others at the table so your child feels included.

Kids may feel that whatever other people are eating is better than their own food. Try putting a serving dish of food for your little one on the table with everyone elses food. By serving him or her off the main table like the adults and older children, the child may feel like he or she is enjoying adult food like everyone else.

Make It Fun Rather than making feedings seem like a chore, trying adding colour and excitement to turn it into a fun experience for both you and your child. The gift of a plate shaped like a rocket ship or a colourful special spoon might inspire your child be more cooperate during meal time. Young children are particularly attracted to primary colours and big, bold shapes. Changing up the colour and shape of the plate might also make it easier to convince your child to eat foods of different colours. Otherwise, kids might find it too easy to stick with bland, light colour foods rather than trying a fun range of fruits and vegetables.

The long-time standard of making a motor boat noise with the incoming spoon of food is a standard because it often works. Instead of food being stuffed into a childs mouth, making a game out of it with sound effects and gestures suddenly makes eating a fun game. It also converts mealtime from a chore to fun time with your child. It will make the meal take longer which can be difficult for busy households but, by getting yourself, other adults, or even older children involved, it can become a meaningful family experience.

Repeat, Repeat Children may reject food the first time they try it. Sweet and bland foods can be easier to introduce to a childs diet but vegetables can be more of a challenge. Even as adults weve all tried new foods and were uncertain after the first bite. It is important for children to repeatedly try foods to build up a taste for a broader variety of dishes. Even as kids get older, it is fair to require them to try a couple of bites of each food before they decide they dont like it. Dont let your picky eater cause you to limit the number of foods they eat. It is important for their nutrition to eat a range of foods. As children grow up, theyll appreciate their ability to fit in well as they continue to be exposed to new foods when theyre away from home.

While it is important to feed children enough healthy food, keep in mind that they wont starve if they pick at one meal. Often childrens appetites vary so one meal they might only eat a little and the next meal or the next day, theyll be inclined to eat more. Worry less about them finishing all of their food and more on providing them with plenty of opportunity and encouragement to eat a range of foods.

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