5 Great Ways to Keep Children from Wrecking Your Wedding

If you are planning your wedding, trying to incorporate young children can be a challenge. From the flower girls to the children of your guests, its important to include children without letting them ruin your event. Here are ways from decorative baby bibs to ways to keep kids entertained here are top tips for making your wedding planning easier.

Provide a Getaway Probably your biggest concern is a disruptive child in the middle of your wedding ceremony. Fortunately, most parents are good about keeping their children supervised and fairly quiet during the actual ceremony, but it is best to plan ahead.

If possible, make sure there is a convenient location where parents can take crying babies or other disruptive children who threaten to erupt. Let parents know ahead of time that this area is available for their use. Ideally, equip the room with a changing table, handy wipes, and some small toys to entertain the wee ones.

Plan for Spills Like gravity is a fact of nature, so are kids bound to create messes. If your big event includes food or beverages, there will be spills. Decorative silk baby bibs can be a great way to keep kids dressed formally without being covered with crumbs and splashes. Items like our Sky Blue Satin Applique Rose Swirl Bib is perfect for accessorizing and protecting the flower girl but would also be a great item to have on hand for other children at your event. Our formal bibs come in a range of colours and styles so there is certain to be something perfect for your colour scheme.

For boys, our adorable formal satin bibs come with snazzy satin ties or bow ties in various colours. These are easy to tie over a white dress shirt. This makes it simple to provide discrete, stylish spill absorption for the boys in your wedding parties or even for other attendees. This can help keep everyone neat and tidy for the event.

Prepare the space in order to minimize spills and their impact. Your kids table is a perfect place to switch to a plastic or vinyl table cloth that will make spills quick and easy to clean up. If that wont coordinate with your other tables, purchase a sheet of clear plastic to place over the table cloth on the kids table. This will help you avoid having a stained cloth marring the look of your reception.

Keep Them Entertained Children can get bored easily and the wedding ceremony and reception speeches are particular popular times for that boredom to kick in. To keep disruptions to a minimum, provide entertainment for the children. If your budget allows for baby sitters to keep an eye on the kids in a separate area during these quiet moments, that can be an idea solution. If not, make sure you have other ways to keep them entertained.

Consider setting up a play area where kids can stretch out, move around, and have fun. This could be a low-lying table with puzzles, colouring pages (with coloured pencils or crayons that wont stain their clothing), and an assortment of kid-friendly books. Depending on the venue, bubbles and bubble wands can be fun for children while adding a fun element to your reception.

No Child Left Hungry Wedding schedules dont fit with the normal schedule for children. Keep in mind they may have need to get up early, dress in strange clothes, and/or travel a significant distance prior to arriving at your wedding. In addition to the pressure from their parents to remain clean, not dirty up their formal clothes, and be quiet during the ceremony. By the time they arrive at your reception, they are probably long past their usual time for an afternoon snack or even a full meal.

Try to keep children happy and well-fed by having kid-friendly finger food available. Chat with their parents before your wedding to find out if there are any children with allergy issues. Pick foods that are easy for children to eat and that arent likely to spill or stain. Cheese cubes, crackers, and vegetables can be great items for kids to nibble on while waiting for the reception meal to begin.

Plan for the Unexpected Dont forget to plan ahead and be prepared for extra children to show up unexpectedly at your wedding. Get extra baby bibs, toys, games, puzzles, and kid-friendly foods so youre prepared for the big day. Let parents know the options that will be available at the wedding and the reception. Its better to have more on hand than to be scrambling to accommodate more children at the last minute. You want your wedding to be fun and as stress-free as possible for you and your guests.

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