6 Great Uses for Dribble Bibs

We all know that baby bibs are an important tool in keeping babies and toddlers neat and tidy. From large spills to minor burps, dribble bibs can help save your sanity whenever you your wee one. What you might not realise is that dribble bibs can come to the rescue in whole range of settings.

  1. Place Mats

Carrying along spare bibs can help you neatly survive meals wherever you go. In arestaurant, visiting friends and family, and when you’re on the road, bandana bibs can protect the area around your child. As placemats, they can help you avoid embarrassing or stressful situations in public. Keep in mind that if you’re overly stressed about your child’s eating, your child is likely to pick up on this. Keep everyone happier by planning ahead and bringing extra bibs.


  1. Napkins

Don’t forget to have some extra bibs on hand to use as napkins. The ones provided by the restaurant or household where you’re trying to feed your baby may not be adequate for the task. Use the bibs to mop up as you go along to reduce the debris as your child makes the of the meal. Once bibs have been used, you can tuck them into your diaper bag to wash later so that you don’t leave a mess for the restaurant or your hosts to tackle.

  1. Breast Feeding Drapes

If you are mixing breast feeding with spoon or bottle feedings, bandana-style bibs can serve double duty as a bib and as a discrete shield, if you would like one, for when you end up breast feeding in public. That can not only shield you but shield your baby so that he or she is less likely to be distracted while trying to feed.

  1. Decorative Swags

Tie bandana bibs together to make a colourful swag you can hang up in your baby’s room to add a dash of interest. You can even frame up your child’s favourite bibs once they get older. These can make fun room decorations while they serve as a touching reminder of your child’s younger days.

  1. Crafts

When your children are preparing for crafts or colouring, putting down a bib first can help keep the area neat and simplify clean up. Using a baby bib as a work surface can make the less slippery for kids so items don’t roll away from tiny fingers. This can be particularly important when children are playing with beads or other items that are likely to be harder to handle.

  1. Car Seat Saver

Most of us have snack for our kids for them to enjoy on trips or even during daily commutes. Putting bandana bibs on top of the tray or the seat itself can protect surfaces from spills.

Pick the bib up by the edges to capture all the spilled food that has collected in the area. You can even put a bib on the floor or car seat next to the child seat to pick up spills that land there. Because the bibs are small and easy to launder, clean up is quick and easy.


Do you have any more uses for baby bibs? We would love to hear them, just right them in the comments below!

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