6 Things You Need For the Perfect Family Picnic


No matter the season, when nice weather comes to town, its time to get outside with your family and have a picnic! In summer heat or on warm spring days, the grass will fill up with families like yours looking to make new memories together.

Family picnics with kids of all ages can be a lot of fun, but there are a few things you should make sure to add to your picnic basket before heading out to the park so that everyone has the best time possible.

Here are five things you should never forget before heading out for a picnic.

1: Wet Wipes Chances are, your picnic is going to get a little messy, and you will be thankful that you brought wet wipes when that happens.

These inexpensive hand wipes are great for cleaning up any spills, wiping off dirty hands before eating, and cleaning up when the picnic is over!

Pro tip: bring an extra bag along with you for your trash, including these wet wipes! They can make everything damp, so its best to keep them in their own trash bag to keep any smell from developing.

2: Blankets And Layers Even if the weather is nice when you head out for your picnic, you never know how the weather will change while you are out. If youre sitting somewhere shady or the wind starts to blow, your family might get chilly.

So, youll want to pack a few all-purpose blankets and layers to keep out the chill!

Back a light jacket for everyone in the family. Then, make sure to pack a blanket as well. Your best bet is to stick to all-purpose blankets that are waterproof with thermal lining. Not only will these all-purpose blankets keep you warm, but theyll also stay dry if there are any accidental spills!

3: Light, Packable Toys Picnics are great fun, but youll want to have some toys with you to keep everyone (especially the kids!) amused. Pick out some toys like balls, Frisbees, or board games to bring with you on your picnic.

You can play these games after eating to wrap up a lovely family picnic and having them with you will ensure that nobody starts whining that theyre tired or bored!

4: Plenty to drink Make sure you keep your family hydrated with plenty of water or juice. It might get warm outside especially if your little ones are running around so it is important to give them plenty to drink throughout the day

5: Sun Protection Ideally you will want to sit under some shade if the sun is out but if that isnt available make sure you cover up with sun lotion and wear a hat! You can get some great spray on sun cream for little ones now that is not too sticky and make sure you get a hat with neck protection. Another great idea is a big umbrella, pop it on the ground and you have an instant shady spot!

6: And Of Course Food! It wouldnt be a picnic without food, now would it? The menu is up to you, but you should always make sure that it includes a yummy dessert (well with all that preparation, youll deserve one, wont you?).

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