7 Unexpectedly Fun Baby Shower Games

Games have become a standard at baby showers. They can be a great way to interact and help to welcome the new baby. Unfortunately, many of these games are either not very entertaining or have become too common. Here are games that you may not have seen before that are sure to make the baby shower fun and fabulous.


  1. Guess the Toy

Wrap various toys and other items inside baby bibs. Use one baby bandana bib per item. Pass the wrapped items around and have each person write down their guess as to what is inside. Use a different colour or design of bibs for each toy to make it easier to pair up each bib with the guess for what’s inside.


  1. Place the Pacifier

Recapture the spirit of your own childhood spent playing pin the tail on the donkey. Put a giant picture of a baby on the wall and have blindfolded participants try to place a picture of a pacifier as close as possible to the right place on the baby.


  1. Baby Bingo

Make BINGO cards with various words related to babies, pregnancy, and/or or the expectant parents. Write each word on a piece of paper and put it into a bag. As you draw them out, everyone gets to try to be the first with a bingo.


  1. Nappy Notes

The new parents can be butt of jokes, thanks to custom comments by their friends. Have everyone at the baby shower write notes on disposable nappies. Then the parents can be greeted by their friends’ diaper commentary. Notes like “Didn’t I just do this?”, “Got poop?”, “Open at your own risk”, “Hazardous materials”, and “Only a few thousand more nappy changes until I’m potty trained” will make parents smile and might make the late nights a little easier to take.


  1. The Price is Right

Line up a variety of common baby items and prices and have people try to match them up. Print out a list of the items and prices for each person to fill out. The person who gets the most correct wins.


  1. Frenzied Feedings

Pair men and women up together. Blindfold the women and have them try to feed the men. Keep it fun with lively music and even a running commentary. Be sure to protect the men’s clothing by having them wear bibs made from plastic garbage bags.


  1. Nursey Rhymes

Compile an assortment of different bits of nursey rhymes. Call them out and have each person write down the name of the nursery rhyme. Whoever gets the most right wins.


  1. That’s What She Said

As the mother-to-be opens the gifts, write down what she says. Then, read her comments out loud after explaining this is she would have said on the night the baby was conceived.


  1. Baby Mad Libs

Write a couple of paragraphs about the new parents and their baby. Delete various key words from the story and leave blanks. During the party, have people call out various nouns, verbs, adjectives, numbers, or adverbs and fill in the blanks. Then read back the story with the new words added while hilarity ensues. 


  1. Baby Basketball

Get a cheap baby doll and baby car seat. Set up a throw line where each person needs to stand to take their turn throwing the baby doll and trying to get it to land in the child seat. See how many throws it takes each person to successfully land the baby or give each person five throws and keep track of their success rate. If you have a few people tie for the best score, have them face off in a head to head match up with people eliminated when they miss and the winner the persons who stays in longest. Provide a small prize for whoever is best at getting the baby into the car seat. A baby high chair can be used instead of a car seat.

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