A Tired Toddler or Something Else?

Nits/ Headlice
With two older siblings in school it was inevitable that Percy would catch nits at some point. My daughter has very long hair and no sooner have we treated her then a couple of days later she’s home with nits again. We use the nit comb every week and tie her hair back but there seems to be one child she always catches them from.

At first I didn’t consider Percy and being under two she couldn’t have the same lotion as the older ones. Instead we used a natural remedy that seemed to do the trick!

Pin Worm
I’m not averse to messy play at all, we have a small holding so dirt is part of everyday life but pinworm never entered my head. Yet on inspection we found that Percy had got it probably from the ducks. It was easily treated and the whinging stopped within hours!

Percy and I enjoy a bath together every night it’s one way to spend time together after work, so when I bought tonnes of essential oils, I thought being natural products they’d do no harm in the bath. Unfortunately my sleepy lavender potion gave poor Percy thrush, so now we stick to Johnson’s baby bedtime bath!

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