A Walking Wonder

Since spring has finally made an appearance I’ve been taking the dog and the children on walks. The first time was two weeks ago, when we chose to find a medieval village that couldn’t be seen from the road.

This three mile walk was normal for my elder two however it wasn’t until we reached the car park that I realised I’d forgotten the all-terrain pushchair. We could either attempt it with a toddler, or go home and do it another day.

The dog made up our mind for us. I prepared myself mentally for a very lengthy walk. Have you ever tried walking with a toddler? Every twig, blade of grass and stray feather must be closely inspected for minutes before steps are taken to find the next interesting object.

Luckily the first mile was downhill (yes we were coming back the same way), so Percy set off chasing after Banana, our dog, with better footing than I had. I slipped and slid all over the muddy track as she ran all the way with no hope of me catching up. My eldest son in front kept shouting tips he’d learned from Bear Grylls; ”lean back if you’re going downhill and you won’t fall over,” little late for that.
Happy that the first mile was over in minutes, I thought we could actually make it back for Percy’s afternoon nap but then she noticed the sky. That was it, every plane, every bird; every cloud was a source of wonder. As we toddled along I rang my husband and told him about our slow progress, to which he replied, “just what goes through her head, and she’s obsessed with the sky and moon- what on earth is so fascinating about them?”

“What’s not fascinating about them?” I replied. Huge iron structures flying in the air, big puffy clouds changing shape every second, a massive moon rock suspended in the sky as if being held up by invisible hands? Our world is absolutely amazing; we just take it for granted.”

Listening to my own words, I was happy to spend the next few hours simply toddling, seeing the world through a new person’s eyes makes you appreciate just what we’ve got.

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