Are you expecting a special delivery of your own this Christmas?

Are you having a December baby? Firstly, congratulations! It’s wonderfully exciting to be expecting a baby, whatever the time of year it might be! One things is for sure though, if you baby’s due date falls at or around Christmas, people seem to love offering their opinion about it!

We thought it might be fun to round up some fun facts and ideas to share about having a baby in December!

There are fewer babies born on Christmas Day than on any other day of the year, making them extra, extra special!
Children born on Christmas Day are guaranteed never to have to go to school on the birthday and when they are an adult, they will be less likely to have to work on their birthday too!
Lots of family will be around to help during the Christmas period
You have a great excuse not to have to cook Christmas lunch ( or do any shopping!)
You do not have to worry about holding your tummy in when tucking into all that tasty Christmas fare!
Winter time is a great time to be pregnant as you have your own in built heating system and you don’t have to suffer through a heatwave!
December is the ultimate party month!
Your baby will be six months old in May and will be able to enjoy the forthcoming summer months!
Smiles all round! According to the Office for National Statistics, a child born on December is more likely to become a dentist! They analysed the birth months of people in 19 different occupations compiled from the last census and came up with this research finding!

There are lots of great names to choose from too!  The good news is if you want to name your baby with a Christmas inspired name, then there is actually plenty of choice and it isn’t just limited to Holly and Noel!

How about these festive names? 

If your baby is a girl and due on Christmas Day how about Natala ( Italian), Natalii (French) or Tashia ( Russian) These names all mean “ born at Christmas!”

All babies are sweet little things, how about Candy?!

Eve, is a lovely classic choice

If you want a more spiritual name, what about Mary, Angel or Emmanuelle?

If your are expecting a baby boy, there’s Nicholas after good old St Nick himself! Jack ( as in Jack Frost) Kris after Kris Kringle, Joseph or Gabriel after the Angel.

Birthdays are always special no matter what day they land on! If your baby is born on or around Christmas Day itself, then it is important to mark the occasion, just like you would anyone else’s birthday! Have a birthday cake, wrap presents in birthday paper and make sure there is a special non Christmas space for them to put birthday cards up!

Lots of people seem to make a big thing about joint Christmas/Birthday presents, but there can be benefits to them too, especially as they get older and want more and more expensive presents! It can mean they can get that Ipad, Playstation or Prada handbag after all! Rather than wait and save up birthday and Christmas allowances. It really is a matter of what works best for you and your child.

Have you had a baby at Christmas? Have you any tips and experiences to share?

If your baby is due this month, we wish you all the very best for a healthy and safe extra special delivery!

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