Babies bombarded at "Call the Midwife"

The new series of Call the Midwife has causes a bit of  stir.

The BBC produced programme has been bombarded with letters from (mostly) proud mums seeking to audition their new born or in some cases not yet born babies for the next series. Apparently no one as yet has sent in an application with a photo from their scan.
Call the Midwife
The popular show has been praised for raising the profile of midwifes and has lead to an increase in people choosing it as a career option.

Babies a few months old are gently massages with a mixture of grapeseed oil and red colouring to give them the look of a baby which has been newborn.

From our own experience we know that working with babies means a lot of preparation, we need to ensure we have the proper local authority licenses in place, and that we are using a reputable agency for the models, the photographer has a CRB check, that rooms are not to hot or cold etc.

If any one thinks their baby is heading for an early career as a model, they are best off contacting a specialist agency.

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