Baby Essentials: What Every Parent Needs for A New Baby

Parents, are you worried that you dont have enough of the baby supplies and gear that your child is going to need? Most parents worry about having enough essentials like bottles and nappies but there are plenty of other things that certainly handy to have around for when baby comes. Here are some items that all parents should have for a well-stocked nursery:

Clothing No matter how much clothing you think youre going to need for a new baby you should double that amount. Remember that sometimes you may need to change the babys clothes 3 or even 4 times a day if there are some major nappy disasters.

Parents should plan on having at least 8-10 onesies and that many undershirts as well. Youll also need at least 8 pyjamas with the cosy little feet. Dont forget to also have several pairs of no scratch mittens. If you live in an area where it gets cold you should get at least two cold weather heavy-duty sleepers too. Youll also need at least 10 pairs of socks or booties and three hats in several weights. Depending on the season you may need 6-8 jumpers as well. And a coat or jacket for when theyre a little bigger.

Your baby will also need a stack of cute baby bibs and dribble bibs! Bibs are real lifesaver for parents. You think 6-8 jumpers is a lot, but without a dribble bib in sight, get ready to double that amount. Keeping your babys clothes free of all that muckiness means a lot less laundry, less hard work as a result, and that youll never run out of something nice and warm for her to slip on.

Bedding and Blankets Remember that youre going to be washing babys bedding frequently so if you want to cut down on the laundry its worth investing in multiple sets of cot bedding so that youre not doing washing all the time. You should have 3 washable mattress pads. And at least 4 fitted crib sheets. If you live in a colder climate you could need up to 4 heavy blankets. Plan on having at least 8 receiving blankets too, because those will end up getting dribbled on, cried on, and pooped on (sorry, dont shoot the messenger) pretty regularly.

Bath Supplies When youre stocking the nursery, dont forget all the supplies that youll need to bathe your baby! Youll need a special baby bathing tub for sure. Some parents like to have two of these so that they can keep one near the kitchen sink and one in the bathroom for the times when they need to rush baby into a bath to clean up a nappy disaster. Also, stock up on special baby shampoo and soap, which is especially gentle on their soft and sensitive skin. And its a smart idea to invest in 3-4 hooded baby towels for bathing. Babies love them and they really do make bath time much easier, helping to make sure that you can quickly wrap her up to keep her snug and warm while you dry her. Dont forget the special baby-friendly ultra-soft washcloths too! Youll need several of those.

It may seem like a lot, but youll be glad that you shopped ahead staying organised and having these things to hand will give you less to do once youve got your hands full with your new, giggly, cute best friend.

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