Baby it's cold outside! How to keep your little one warm in winter

As those hazy days of summer are now long behind us and winter looks like it might be taking a firm hold, its important to think about how to keep your little one warn and cosy- but not overheated.

The very best way to dress your little one is in layers, as they will allow you dress and undress appropriate to the temperature. So make sure you stock up on all those winter essentials, like vests, body suits, hats mittens and socks! Top tip! Give yourself extra time to wrap baby up! Layering can take time!

So what kind of clothes should you be investing in for your baby?

Bodysuits are ideal, especially those with longer sleeves in the winter and with poppers for easy nappy changing access!

For getting out and about, snowsuits are a must have. Make sure you remove the snowsuit or coat before putting baby in a car seat, as wearing one can prevent their harness from fitting correctly. If you are worried your baby might be a little chilly, pop a blanket around them.

We love our hats here at Funky Giraffe, have you seen our range? Hats, mittens and socks should from part of your babys wardrobe. Our scood range, is a brilliant cross between a scarf and a snood. They are soft and gentle around your babies neck and because they have poppers, they are super easy to put on and off. Perfect winter warmers!


Its really important not to allow your little one to overheat indoors. So make sure you remove any outside layers, such as hats and mittens as soon as you come in from the cold.We know you dont want to wake your sleeping bubba who finally dropped off on that walk - but babies cannot regulate their body temperature, especially when first born so it is vital you do de-layer! A good indicator is too feel your babys neck.

A good rule to go by, is dress your baby pretty much like yourself, but with one extra layer.

Babies and hot rooms are not a good mix at night, why not buy room thermometer so you can keep an eye on the temperature. Top tip! Use lightweight blankets to layer rather than extra clothes, however, if you double the blanket then you must count it as two layers.

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