Bagsy this! How to choose a baby changing bag and what to put in it.

Becoming a mum involves acquiring a whole range of new skills - not least those of a Sherpa porter as you lug around all the equipment and paraphernalia associated with a tiny baby!

Size really does matter!

But fear not, it’s still possible to have bags of style when it comes to choosing the tote of your choice! In the case of baby changing bags, size really does matter! Any bag you choose will need to be spacious in order for you to pack all those baby essentials, such as extra nappies, bibs and baby wipes, but you don’t want a bag that’s too heavy or bulky either.

As in everything in life- what bag best suits you will come down to personal choice. Some mum’s will want the bag to resemble a handbag, other’s a rucksack and what about dad? Will he be happy carrying a bag with hearts and flowers on it? You might need to consider a unisex bag or maybe get dad his own if you don’t want to compromise on your sense of style!

There is so much choice on the market and they range from basic to branded luxury. So before you take your pick, bear the following pints in mind.

Top tote tips!

A changing mat. Having a detachable changing mat makes it easier for you to change your baby’s nappy anywhere. However, this needn’t be a deal breaker as it is possible to buy a separate roll up changing mat, that you can include inside your bag. Or even a towel from home.

Having a baby requires having deep pockets!  No we’re not just talking financial outlay! Lots of pockets or compartments really helps to keep things separate and easy to find. Believe me, you don’t want to be rummaging around your changing bag trying to find a clean nappy whilst your baby is wriggling and fretting beside you!

Keep cool! A really useful feature is an insulated bottle pocket, as this can help keep bottles of milk or food cool on the go.

Does it come with any accessories? There might be an additional small bag included to put soiled clothes in for example.

Are there any see through pockets so you can spot items easily? How about wipeable lining?

 It’s in the bag....

Once you have grabbed your bag, what will you put in it?  Keeping your bag well stocked is important, as you want to avoid the sinking feeling associated with rooting in your bag for a much needed nappy, only to come up empty! However, It’s really tempting to include too much, which will end up making your changing bag too heavy to carry around. Things can also get “lost” inside the bag if you have too much in there.

So what do you really need?  What you need to include obviously depends on the age of your baby and how long you might be going out for.

The Essentials 

Nappies have to be the number one essential item to include. Pack a few spares, as we all know when baby has to go, they gotta go- doesn’t matter if mummy or daddy has just changed them or not!

Baby wipes - can you ever have too many baby wipes?! Perfect for cleaning pretty much everything....

Hand sanitiser - really important as it might not be possible to find a sink to wash your hands following a nappy change, in the middle of a park etc!

A small bag to put soiled nappies or dirty clothes in.

Eats and treats-   a bottle of formula or expressed milk, as well as a bottle of water for older babies. If your child is on solids, pack a few finger foods or snacks, plus a bottle or sippy cup of water of juice.

Clean clothes! A spare romper suit, vest, cardigan, jumper, t-shirt etc. It’s a good idea to include spare clothes, not only in case of an accident, but also if the weather changes when you are out and you need for example, to layer up a bit more.

Some bibs! Bibs are useful to include, not only for feeding times, but if necessary they can help mop up any spills.

A Burp cloth- most of us would prefer to be a lady who lunches - rather than one who is lunched over!

Hat - a sun hat and sun cream in the summer.

The little extras! 

Nappy rash cream - try and get hold of travel size ones or sample sizes as they take up less space. Pain relief - it’s always a good idea to carry some pain relief sachets or teething gel, just in case. Toys, teething rings and board books are always nice to include, especially if your baby is becoming more wakeful during the day.

Have you got any top tips for choosing a changing bag? Have we missed anything out you should include? Let us know!

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