Beach Babe! Tips on taking baby to the seaside

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! Now the weather looks to finally be resembling summertime, you might be thinking about a seaside outing! If so, take a look at our top tips to ensure your trip to the seaside goes swimmingly!

The X Factor! (Well ok, not quite- but you get the gist!) We’re talking sun protection factor here, rather than singing supremos, but either way, suncream should almost certainly be given super star status in your changing bag! Your baby has very delicate skin and it is imperative his or her skin is not overly exposed to the sun’s rays. In fact, if your baby is less than six months old, they should be kept out of the sun altogether. Top Tip! Think about investing in a UV pop up tent, so you will always have shade. Older babies and toddlers can go be exposed to the sun more, but you should avoid the hottest part of the day ( between 11-3) Choose specially formulated suncreams especially made for little ones and reapply regularly through out the day. 

Ring those changes! You will need to take several changes of clothes. Little ones might take to the water like fishes, but they do not like to sit in wet clothes! It’s a good idea to bring clothes you can use as layers too, such as long sleeved cotton tops ( they double up as added sun protection) and a cardigan or jumper. We can all feel a bit chilly once we’re out of the water and babies and small children can get cold very quickly ( especially if they are at the stage when they can’t move around much). Top tip! Pop a few extra bandana bibs in too, to protect clothes ( think dripping ice creams!) our cotton bibs are great for hotter weather. A sun hat is an essential piece of kit.

Come equipped! Bring several towels - damp, sandy towels are not great to lounge on, so make sure you have a couple spare. ( You might not mind a bit of natural sand exfoliation, but your little one won’t be quite so keen!) Bucket and spade, ball, cool bag for food and drink ( it’s very important not to let your little one get dehydrated.)

Choose your spot! When you first arrive, carry out a quick reccy of the beach and select an area that is not too far from the water’s edge, but not too close that you will need to up sticks and move if the tide comes in! Top Tip! Never leave your baby or little one unattended. 

Water baby! Your baby will probably be super excited by the sea and small waves can be great fun. Make sure you pop your little one in a rubber ring of use swimwear with floats for added protection, but keep a strong hold on them at all times. Stay in the shallows. Limit your time in the water, as babies can’t regulate their body temperature like adults and so can get cold quickly. Top Tip! Don’t get upset if your baby turns out to prefer the land rather than the sea! You might find the next time you take them to the beach they are more keen.

Babies who lunch! Obviously if you are breast feeding, it is easier to feed your baby on the go. A wind break, can sometimes provide an extra bit of privacy if you wish for it. If you are bottle feeding your baby, it is probably easiest to bring ready made formula in a carton. If you don’t want to bring this, then you should bring boiled water in a flask which you can add to powdered formula ( Top Tip! Measure the amounts you need at home first). If your child has moved on to solids your main challenge will be serving food not coated in sand- so best thing to do is give your little one, her food one piece at a time. Bring plenty of baby wipes so you can wash their face and hands first ( bibs come in handy too!)

A nap in time! It’s not always easy to get your baby to sleep when there are so many new things for them to see and do! You might find after a swim and a feed they are happy to have a sleep in the shade ( this is where those tents come in so handy)

Not such a beach buggy! You might want to think about taking a buggy on to the beach as they can sink into the sand and are hard to push! If your little one isn’t mobile yet, use a sling.

Finally Don’t forget to record your special day!

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