Blame it on the hormones! Skin changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings glowing skin, right? Not always!

Blame it on the hormones!  

Your body is undergoing huge changes when you’re pregnant and sometimes these changes show outwardly, in the form of unwanted spots and blemishes. Or thank the hormones if you are experiencing a pregnancy glow! The hormonal changes and fluctuations means your skin will be more sensitive and some people find brown pigmentation spots start appearing on their skin. If you are pregnant, you should try to ensure you cover up more if you are in the sun, especially if you start to find you are prone to pigmentation patches. Freckles and moles tend to become darker too. Top tip! Wear sun block every day, especially on your face. 

If you tend to be prone to suffer spots, you might find they increase during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. This is because during pregnancy the sebaceous glands secrete more oil. Be careful when using any treatments as some might not agree with your baby. If you are concerned, always talk it through with your health visitor or GP. Top tip! Lemon and cider apple vinegar is a great home remedy for treating breakouts! 

You might find your skin becomes drier in pregnancy, if this is the case, then use a richer emollient moisturiser. Try and keep skin moisturised, especially if it becomes extra dry and itchy.

Stretch Marks 

It’s generally believed if you are going to get stretch marks you will anyway, regardless of how much you moisturise. They tend to appear around the second trimester and are typically found on the tummy, breasts and thighs. They usually fade in time. Limiting your weight gain can help, but if stretch marks run in your family, you wil probably find you can’t avoid them.

Big hair day? 

You might feel you are growing more hair than normal, but it is more the case you are not losing it at the same rate as when you are not pregnant, coupled with the fact the hair tends to grow faster when you are pregnant.

Some women find they also start growing hair in unusual places too, but don’t worry if you start getting a hairy tummy- you’re not turning into a human yeti it’s all perfectly normal and things will return back to normal once you have given birth!

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