Blog number 3 of things to keep you happeeeee!

Blog number 3 of things to keep you happeeeee!

How are you all doing wonderful funky families?
I keep seeing the meme about how our grandparents went to war and we only have to stay on a couch. Which of course is true and really it isn’t anything like as horrific as our ancestors went through for us but things are definitely trickier with toddlers!

Please keep in touch, let us know how you are getting on and what you are doing to stay sane and safe.
Our morning routines have changed somewhat, instead of the usual rush of getting up, breakfast, washed and dressed we now take our time and embrace dawdling.
Toddler G was in the bath for 45 minutes this morning playing with the shower.

Anyway here are some more ideas to try and keep you entertained while you all stay safe at home.



Hopefully you have all seen and heard of the #chasetherainbow initiative that is spreading across the country.
Rainbows are popping up into windows and everyone who sees them is cheered up. It gives children something to spot, even if they can only see the ones in the windows they can see from their house.
You can either paint one, draw one or if you have slightly older children make a mosaic rainbow. Cut up little pieces of multicoloured paper and stick them in a rainbow shape. This has the advantage of not only looking very pretty but also taking quite a while.
Pop it in your window facing outwards and cheer everyone up who spots it. It’s a little reminder that we are all in this together!



Making a mini garden

You will need:

Lots of dirt! (Any sort of soil or compost will do)

A small container or box to make the mini garden in (a shallow tray or foil-lined shoe box will work)

Things to put in the garden – such as twigs, small plants, flowers

Decorations for the garden – like toys, pebbles and of course, fairy glitter!

Water to make things grow

A trowel or a big spoon

Some old newspaper to catch any spilt soil.


Encourage your child to be creative when they’re thinking of things to put in their mini fairy garden.Twigs can be turned into mini trees, small plants can be mini bushes or hedges, pebbles can be mini paving stones. Perhaps a small cup of water can be a mini pond? And toy fairies, people and animals can be used to populate their mini garden.


Firstly, the really messy part. This is where you let your little one get muddy hands, face and clothes. Lay down some old newspaper on a table or floor so that it’s easy to clear up after the garden is complete

Put the box or container on the newspaper and then trowel or spoon the soil into it You probably need to help smaller children with this but older children should be encouraged to get hands-on.

Remember, they won’t just be making a mess, they’ll also be learning good hand-eye coordination skills

Next comes the planning. Ask your little one to think about what they want to put in their mini fairy garden and how they want it to look

They could do a drawing first to design the garden like a landscaper would

Help them to gather the right things for the garden – either from around the house or from your own garden or a nearby park

Then comes the planting. Let your child do this themselves unless they really are too young. They should plant their garden according to their design

Don’t forget that plants will need water so you’ll need to water the mini garden just like any other

Once the plants are in it’s time to add the “design features” such as pebbles, garden furniture, or even a mini pond

Finally help your child add the finishing touches – this could be grass or flowers – and some toy fairies and animals to live in the mini garden.




Make a cheerio bird feeder.

Super easy but great for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills too.

You will need a pipe cleaner, something to stick it into like playdough or toilet roll works too.

Put some cheerios or any hooped cereal and get them to thread it on.

Admittedly Toddler G ate more than he threaded but this activity kept him entertained for 15 minutes which enabled me to do the washing up!

Once they are done bend the ends together and then find somewhere to hang your hoop. You can hang it from a window or balcony or in your garden and watch the birds have a treat although the squirrels got to ours first!



Washing outdoor toys or the car.


I think it’s time Toddler G started earning his keep!

What better was to start learning about chores than washing the car, or as we did it, his tractor.

All you need is a big bucket of warm soapy water and a sponge or a cloth. You may need to show little ones how to get started but this is something all little ones love to do, especially if you get the hose pipe out afterwards and spray off all the bubbles.



I hope these small ideas help, please carry on sharing how your days are going. Stay happy and healthy Funky Fans!

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