Book reviews 1 The Science of Parenting

I have been meaning to write about some of the books I have read on the subject of birth and parenting. Having brought I think every single one I feel in a good position to review.
But beware - as with advice, writers write about their own experiance or those of friends or family. This is their experiance and not yours, yours is different and that is okay. It took me a very long time to stop stressing about the conversations where some one told me about pregancy or what their child was doing or how they were feeling and having compared it to what was happening to me somehow it always worried me.
But the best reassurance is to be found from someone who actually knows what they are taking about. This brings me to my first book. This is the Science of Parenting by Dr Margot Sunderland. (ISBN 9781405320368). Dr Sunderland is a leading expert on early years development, and steers stressed parents through the actual science of what is happening in your childs mind. I found its clear text very useful and great for learning how to cope with my son sleep training. I think this is the first book your new parents and encourage every one to read it, in fact I now have brought around 10 copies for various friends and family. Writen with good sense, clear science and a lot of compassion.

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