Boost your fertility with these top 12 foods

If you are trying for a baby, you might want to check out these top 12 power list of foods, which might help to boost your chances of conceiving.

Go Bananas! Bananas really are one of natures power houses, they contain that all important vitamin B6, which is known to help conception. A deficiency in it can lead to problems with irregular periods and low sperm count. So get your man to tuck in too!

Ask for Asparagus! They are a great source of folic acid- very important before conception and afterwards.

Egg- cellent Eggs! Packed with vitamin D, its no yolk these lush little ovals can really help increase fertility levels and your chance of conceiving.

Nuts, nuts nuts!Almonds are a super source of vitamin E, which can help increase the sperm count. Walnuts are a good choice too.

Sour power! Ok, you dont have to suck on any lemons... but eating citrus fruits can help with the sperm count in men and also helps to regulate hormone levels in us ladies!

Get fishy! Eating salmon is a good source of a nutrient called Selenium, which can help miscarriage and birth defects. Mackerel is also a great fish to choose. The current guidelines are to limit fish intake to twice a week.

Go potty for peas! We say peas please- as they contain zinc, which is known to boost sperm count in men. A deficiency in women can lead to hormonal imbalance between oestrogen and progesterone

Lets hear it for avocados! Super tasty on toast, combined with marmite or honey, avocados are actually a fruit! They are packed full of essential minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin E, which studies have shown can be really beneficial in improving the lining of the uterus and helping embryo implantation.

Bring on the butternut squash! Rich in beta-carotene, eating butternut squash can help sperm count.

And the beets go on! If you are a slightly older couple, then checkout beetroot as it is known to contain an antioxidant called resveratrol, which can help age related infertility problems.

Stock up on superfood quinoa! Its a good source of protein, which can help with conception, is gluten free and is a super nutritious!

And last but not least on our super powered fertility food list are pomegranates! If you dont fancy them, as they are, try them in a juice instead. Did you know they were seen in ancient Persia as a symbol of fertility? They pack a powerful vitamin and mineral punch as they contain vitamins K and C, as well as folic acid. Cheers!

The main thing is, try not to get too stressed, it can sometimes take awhile for conception to occur and for some couples it can take up to a year. If you are feeling anxious or worried, talk to your GP.

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