Brilliant 1st Birthday Baby Picture Ideas

Tired of seeing the same first birthday pictures but you dont want to pay for a fancy photography shoot? Your loved ones (particularly the ones who are far away) are waiting to celebrate the first birthday of your little one. They look forward to seeing pictures of the big day and you love to show off your pride and joy.

Sadly, most of the baby birthday pictures we see now are cake smash images. If that works for you, then thats fine but many of us want to come up with something more creative. The other drawback of the cake smash picture is it can be hard to see the babys face under all that cake and icing. Here are great ways to have fun pictures for friends, family, and social media no special equipment required.

Family with Cake
The cake often says it all your childs name, the happy birthday message, and the exciting year one. Unfortunately, the beauty and message of the 1st birthday cake is lost in a cake smash. Since your baby is obviously not going to blow that candle out, why not use it as a moment to have the whole family together.

For an adorable picture, put the cake in front of the baby (just out of reach!) with a parent on either side (with any other children in the family). Make sure your baby is dressed in one of your favourite dribble bibs and have the person taking the picture make sure the top of the cake and your babys face are front and centre. Everyone can blow out the candle while the baby looks excited, confused, angry, or giggly. For the best look for the picture, reduce the other lighting in the room and make sure there is a good background for the image (usually a lighter, solid coloured wall works best). You can even relight the candle to take the picture a few times until you get the image you like. 

A first birthday is a major event. Capture the moment with your baby on a neutral background (like a rug, outside on the lawn, or in a pile of autumn leaves) with the number one. The number could be a childs block with the number 1, a one from an arts and crafts store, or check a hardware store for a decorative number 1. If youre near the beach, you could have your baby crawling on the sand toward a first birthday or number 1 drawn in the sand.

Let Them Eat Cake
If you do like the cake smash picture, instead of the typical image of a baby in a high chair covered in icing, take your picture to a new level. Arrange festive cupcakes into a number one on a blanket, rug, or other washable surface and then get pictures of your baby crawling to the cupcakes and diving into the icing!

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