Can pregnancy be a hair raising experience?! Tips on how to cope with your hair during pregnancy.

As gorgeous mummy-to-be, the Duchess of Cambridge continues to dazzle at every stage of her pregnancy, the fact she has been seen sporting her own version of fifty shades of grey has caused a media meltdown it seems!

Coping with the physical demands on your body during the third trimester is hard enough, without being caught in the spotlight we’re sure. The sight of the silver strands ( need a microscope, or is that just us?!) got us thinking about the effects of pregnancy on the hair.

So what happens to your hair during pregnancy. Well as always.. we can blame it on those hormones! Pregnancy brings with it a whole cocktail of hormones, with some mums-to -be experiencing changes to both the texture and the growth of their hair. Usually, the hair tends to grow faster when you are pregnant and sometimes not always on your head! Moving on....

Some mums-to be find their hair thinner and perhaps harder to manage, although most notice an improvement after the second trimester. This can be attributed to the fact, as the pregnancy progresses, the body produces less of the hormone oestrogen, which reduces the amount of sebum produced. Too much sebum, means an oily scalp and heavier looking hair, if there is less sebum or oil produced the overall look of the hair is lighter and less limp ( in other words, thicker looking!)

Every pregnancy is different and the effects of hormones will therefore also be different on every mummy- to be. There is no way to predict how your hair will be, how it will be can even vary from child to child!

Going back to the lovely Kate, there is no scientific link between grey hairs and being pregnant. Stress can be a factor in producing grey hairs however and being pregnant definitely comes with both ups and downs!

So how can you combat pregnancy taking its toll on your tresses?

Maintain a nutritious diet and eat little and often ( certainly go no longer than 4 hours between snack) It takes a lot of energy to grow a baby! Make sure you eat plenty proteins, fish and meat are a good source of this as protein is essential to maintaining good hair growth. Check with your midwife for the current advice on what is safe to eat. Eating foods containing vitamin C is also a great way to maintain hair growth. Eat foods like broccoli and spinach, as well as citrus fruits.

Keep it a case of aqua natal! Drink plenty of water as keeping hydrated is really important.

Switch shampoo! Sometimes your hair can benefit from a change of shampoo and conditioner.

Get oiled! Think about massaging some natural oils into your hair once a week. Almond oil and coconut smell great and can work wonders too as they will give added nourishment to your hair. Some people add a little honey to the mix too.

Just sitting and relaxing for awhile is great too! Stress as we have said can play havoc on the body at any time, not just pregnancy. Why not try out a prenatal yoga class, take a long bath or just chill out on a walk. Whatever helps you to relax is best for you!

The colour question! Whether or not to colour your hair during pregnancy and breast feeding, remains a controversial subject. The general consensus tends to be to avoid using any chemicals during pregnancy. If you are really desperate to colour your hair, you could look at using natural vegetable hair dyes. If you are not sure, always seek medical advice.

Keep up the hairdressing appointments as a regular trim will ensure you have cutting edge style in the pregnancy stakes!

Have you any tips to share with us? We would love to know how you kept your locks luscious during pregnancy.

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