Celebrating dads! How Father’s Day is celebrated around the world

Since Father’s Day is just around the corner, we thought we would put together some fun facts about Father’s Day, so take a load off and check them out!

Different Dates for Different Dads! Not all countries celebrate Father’s Day on the same day. Here in the UK, as well as countries like the USA, France, Greece and Canada all celebrate it on the 3rd Sunday of June. So this year, this is 21st June. Whilst others celebrate it in March, May and even September in Australia.

Denmark is definitely different! They celebrate Father’s Day on the 5th June, irrespective of what day of the week it is! What- no lie in! Whilst for dads in Bulgaria is held on Boxing Day!

Mexican Waves! Mexicans it seems just love to party! They go all out to celebrate mums on Mother’s Day and it is just the same for dads, with lots of fun and festivities including food and music. There is a tradition in Mexico city itself, for some dads to take part in a 21 km run!

It’s all about the hike! In Germany, they celebrate by organising a hike and picnic.

Want a Father’s Day to Thai for?! In Thailand the King makes a speech, as he is much loved and seen as the father of the people, whilst the traditional present to dad is the Canna Flower.

Babble-on! Apparently Father’s Day can be traced back around 4000 years to Babylon. It became an official holiday in 1972! Seems like quite a wait!

Meaty stuff in Brazil! It’s all about the meat in Brazil, with families tucking into all you can eat BBQ’s.

All about the man! In Russia, it is called Men’s Day or Defender of the Fatherland Day, echoing back to Soviet Union days. Here there are lots of parades and the day also celebrates veterans, whilst men are given presents from the women in their lives. Seafood Special!

Hook, line and sinker! In Japan, the main dish served on Father’s Day involves fish.

How are you going to celebrate Father’s Day?

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