Changing Nappies On the Go

Having a newborn doesn’t need to stop you from heading out and about anymore. In fact, the earlier you can get on your feet and take some fresh air, the better for your recovery and for your baby. (That is, if you haven’t had a CS. It can be difficult to move around during the first week.)

However, going out and about isn’t as easy as it used to be pre-baby. You can’t just grab your keys, strap your baby’s carrier at the back seat and go. Heading out with your baby for a drive or a long stroll needs a little bit more planning. You don’t want to be stranded somewhere with a screaming hungry baby or worse, a baby with a leaked nappy but without a spare nappy to change into, and no shop within short distance. We’ve been there, and it’s not fun.

As parents, it pays always keep in mind the Scout’s Motto ‘Be Prepared.’ If you are prepared, you are not likely to be caught out. So, here are our tips for making nappy changing stress free when you are out and about with your baby.

Always have spare nappies in your changing bag

Spare nappies are essential, even if you are only planning to go out for an hour with your baby. You can’t time when he is going to do it, and how much. If you don’t have any spares, you may end up having to cut your trip short and go home to change your baby. Or, let your baby stay in soiled nappy until you have completed your trip. Either way, your day out will be ruined.

Don’t just keep spare nappies in your changing bag. There will be times when you forget to re-stock your bag. So, keep some at the back of the car and in the pushchair’s shopping basket.

Don’t forget the other essentials
Nappy changing doesn’t just need nappies. You need other essentials to carry out the task. So, apart from a handful of nappies, make sure you also have a packet of baby wipes, and a spare, in your changing bag. Changing mat is also another essential you should have with you when you head out.

Nappy sacks are also as important as the nappy itself. Remember, you may have to change your baby somewhere with no bins around. You don’t want a loose soiled nappy in your changing bag.

Other essentials you may want to keep in your changing bags are burp cloth (to protect your clothes during and after feeding, spare dribble bibs, toys (to keep baby occupied), hand sanitizer (to remove bugs from your hands after changing your baby in public toilets), baby snacks and baby clothes, just in case your baby leaks.

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