Choosing bed linen for baby

It’s the instinctive fear of a parent that their baby will become to hot or too cold in the night. It is especially difficult to regulate temperatures for a tiny newborn, who has little body fat but is too small to have many blankets.

Common sense naturally tells parents that a baby will need less coverage of a night during summer than they will in winter, but what are the right kinds of things to buy?

Thin sheets and cellular blankets are the best choice for a young baby. It is easy to layer thin blankets depending upon the weather, as even summer temperatures can drop during the night. Babies do not need a pillow until they are at least 12 months old.

Moses baskets, cribs and cots all have elasticated or flat folding sheets for use as an under sheet. Baby blankets can be found in many large supermarkets, as well as baby apparel shops. Some cot mattresses also provide a waterproof layer, or can have a waterproof sheet fitted that sits below a regular sheet. They wipe clean and stop any spills accidents from penetrating the mattress.

An alternative to sheets is a baby sleeping bag. These handy inventions are especially good for wriggly sleepers, as there is no way to kick them off during the night. They have a side zip and a pinafore-style top, so that baby’s arms are free on the outside of the bag. Sleeping bags are available in various togs, in the same way that a duvet is noted for thickness.

Some parents opt to have a cot bumper attached around the top sides of the cot. This stops baby from bumping their head on the bars, or getting arms and legs tangled up. Bumpers are safe for certain ages, but can be hazardous in some situations. Always consult with an experienced retailer before fitting one.

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