Christmas Card Ideas for Parents with Babies

The holidays are fast approaching and that means its time to start thinking about your annual holiday card. For parents with babies, you may wish to come up with a unique and fun photo card that will stand out from all the other family members cards. And perhaps some super cute social media-ready photo ideas for family Christmas cards could come in handy, too. If you dont want to go the traditional route and have a Christmas card with the family looking stiff and dressed up in traditional clothes, here are some cool Christmas card ideas that will definitely stand out from the crowd:

Baby Christmas Ornament You can put a twist on the traditional baby photo Christmas card by dressing your infant up as a Christmas ornament and posing the baby with other beautifully coloured ornaments. All you need is a baby hat that looks like an ornament and a cute baby bandana bib with one of our fun designs, and a red, green or gold nappy cover. Your baby will look festive and fun and perfect for a holiday card. If you want to take this type of photo op to the next level you can make a big Christmas tree out of green felt as a backdrop for the photo.

Cosy Family Photo Instead of dressing up the whole family to take a formal photo, go for a more fun and cosy look. Have a photo taken of the entire family wearing matching holiday-themed onesies sitting under the tree among the presents. Or a family photo of everyone in fun printed flannel pyjamas sharing presents, drinking cocoa, or sitting together on the sofa with a big beautiful holiday tree behind you. You can take a great family photo that doesnt look too posed or formal if you get creative and think about fun family traditions like everyone getting new pyjamas for the holidays and incorporating those ideas into the photo.

A Christmas Present Children are definitely a gift, so why not dress them up like Christmas presents and pose them under the tree for the annual family Christmas card photo? Wrap them in wrapping paper and pile them with bows so they will look like the special and wonderful gifts that they are. And the kids will love being able to pick out their own wrapping paper and bows that they will pose in.

Winter Wonderland Photo Christmas just isnt Christmas without snow. You can take a beautiful family photo outside in the snow if you have snow in your area just make sure the kids are dressed up as warm and cosy as possible. If you dont have any snow, you can recreate a winter wonderland in a photographers studio with prop snow. Add in some sleds, a snowman, and other fun winter props to represent the best kinds of winter fun for the whole family. Handmade scarves, hats and mittens will really add to the effect of the photo.

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