Comforting a Baby with Colic

As colic has no known cause, it can’t be treated. It is distressing to know that it is not in your power to stop your baby from wailing. All you can do is comfort your baby by trying various ways to relieve the symptoms, which is more likely tummy pain.

There is no fool proof or best way to comfort your baby, as every baby responds to different methods. Finding an effective way to help reduce your baby’s distress is a matter of trial and error. So, here we suggest different methods for you to try. Not all of them will work for your baby. Some of them may work one day, and not the next.

Snuggle your baby whilst he is crying – sometimes, a parent’s touch is all the baby needs to feel comforted.
If you are using slow flow bottle teats, try shifting to fast flow teat. The slow flow teat may cause babies to swallow air while they are feeding.

Burp your baby every time he finishes his feed. Trapped wind can be painful. And it’s almost impossible for your baby not to swallow air when feeding. So, make sure that burping is part of your feeding routine, even if your baby is asleep after feeding.

There are different ways to burp your baby. You can rest him on your knee face down whilst you gently rub his back. Or you can hold him against your shoulder, and rub his back. Make sure to support his head and neck.
Sit your baby with his head higher than his chest and limbs when feeding. This will stop him from swallowing air.

Avoid over stimulating your baby during late afternoon or early evening, when he is most likely feeling tired and ready to howl his head off.

Take your baby for a walk or a drive. Babies like movement. The rocking motion has a soothing effect on babies. If it’s not possible to go out, you can also just carry your baby around the house, in a sling to keep your hands free if you need to do something. Plus, using a baby sling will spread the weight of your baby on both your shoulders, and not just on one arm at a time.

Put on some steady background noise. The sound of the vacuum clear or washing machine can be soothing to some babies. So, if you feel that a colic attack is forthcoming, it might be a good idea to load your washing, then sit next to it with your baby and read. If your baby prefers you to move about, you can try vacuuming your floor instead.

Give your baby a warm bath, followed by gentle stomach and back rubs.

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Comforting a Baby with Colic

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