Cooking and Music: Two Indoor Activities for Kids that Don’t Involve Screen Time

As the days get shorter, so does outdoor playtime. Outside is cold, wet, and often off-limits during the colder months.

And of course, you dont have to do much convincing these days to get kids indoors. Tablets, consoles, and the internet can keep them entertained for days, but its time to show them how to have fun the old fashioned way (say 1997, when dial-up internet was the only option). Theres nothing wrong with tech in moderation, but it wont hurt for them to try their hand at these two indoor activities, which will help kids develop life skills that dont involve Google. 

Everybody in the kitchen! The kitchen really should be the go-to place for a number of reasons - the first one being that your children are going to get hungry at some point anyway! You may as well get them making their own snacks. Teaching children to cook has other positive benefits as well, such as laying the groundwork for survival skills when they have to fend for themselves in the wide world (Uni).

Cooking helps teach kids about nutrition, and if you do it right you might even get them to enjoy their vegetables a bit more than before. Try making healthy versions of things they enjoy eating; teach them how to core and slice apples, and then make a whole grain apple pie. Or bake oatmeal cookies and shape them into things like robots and monsters. Cooking together is fun just remember to cover your surfaces and put your little chefs in aprons, or be prepared to spend some serious time cleaning up afterwards.

Musical madness 
Another way to spend time with kids and entertain them indoors is by making music together you may just want to be sure the neighbours are out, as not every child is a musical prodigy!

Its important to do what you can to encourage a childs natural musical creativity - even something as simple as leaving a couple of used tins and wooden spoons lying around is likely to get some rhythmical interaction. If you play an instrument, even if you dont play it well (no one is judging), you can accompany them. Pick up a guitar and strum along. Your child will get more into it with a little guidance. They can even invite their friends over to join the band. If it goes well you can record your musical session and they can let their classmates hear.

These are just two indoor activities to engage your children in during colder weather, but remember you can make an activity out of anything! Teach your children to knit, pull out a roll of paper and let them scribble away, or encourage them to make a sculpture out of sticky tape and recyclables the possibilities are virtually endless. And at the end of the day when youre ready to plop down on the sofa, you can allow the iPad to take over for a little while without feeling too much guilt.

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