I was reading some of the sales brochures from a fabric company, as a way of avoiding doing any real work today. But it did make quite interesting reading

Cotton is a ball of fibers (called a Boll) which is there to protect the seeds of the cotton plant
The plant is native to both America and Asia
The cotton plant is in the same family as hibiscus and okra
It;s use in fabrics goes back to at least 7,000 BC. As I tell my son, that is even older than Granny.
Cotton is also used to make animal feed, paper and explosives
Cotton being a natural fiber is breathable and better for your skin than synthetic fibers

Most cotton comes from China, India or the United States. The cotton used to make Funky Giraffe baby accessories come from the Aegean region, either Turkey or Greece. We look for soft cotton with a nice feel to it, we also check that as a fabric it is make to baby safe standards, and only baby safe dyes are used.

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