Do Babies need bibs?

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Do babies need bibs?

Well you may think this an odd question, “do babies need bibs” for a company which sells bibs to pose. Of course you will think we will say “yes, babies need bibs, at least 100”. Well actually we are parents ourselves and like to think we are a bit better than that.

Our own experience is that for our first child definitely, while teething he was practically a waterfall and we only half jokingly say that we had to have a bib factory just to keep up with him. Changing his bibs regularly saved huge amounts of washing and kept him dry and comfy.

Our daughter of course was the exact opposite and only really dribbled during the period when she was teething. So it depends of course on the baby.

So it really depends on your baby how many you need, but having a few may help for the following reasons. 

Development and dribbling, Why do babies dribble?

New born babies often don’t dribble much, saliva being a mixture of enzymes used by the body to help digest your food and new born babies don’t need this to begin with as they are on a milk only diet. But as they grow and get ready for solid food, the saliva glands develop and saliva is produced, but this happens earlier than the babies muscles which control swallowing. Hence why most babies will dribble.

It’s not just about dribble, sick ups as well

While our bibs are often called dribble bibs, they are great for protecting their clothes against sick ups. This is when a baby has had too much milk too quickly and/or has sucked in too much air while swallowing, and up will come the precious milk or food they have just eaten. Winding (gently patting them on the back till the little darling burps) helps avoid this but is unlikely to eliminate it entirely. A bib of course can help catch these, as can our burp clothes help you to avoid the danger to your clothes.

While sick ups are normal, if your child appears to be in discomfort or pain it may be best to speak to your doctor.

Bibs are eco friendly

It’s a fact of life that infants tend to get through a lot of clothes, and this requires energy to clean. Using bibs reduces the volume of washing as you are only washing multiple small bibs rather than multiple large outfits which require 6 to 10 times the energy depending on size. It also saves your energy which to a parent with a baby is also very important.

Meme about tired mum washing clothes

Bibs are good for feeding

It was certainly a bit of a shock to find out that breastfeeding is not as simple as I had expected. Both my babies and I had to learn how to get them nutrients inside them. We got there in the end, but it was often messy and a bib on your baby while feeding can save both your clothes and your babies.

Bonding with baby

Well I have to admit that I just enjoyed dressing up my babies when they were little and could not express an opinion. Many of the designs reflect aspects of my children’s personality. We often find inspiration from parents, so we are always happy to hear your ideas.

What not to do

While we take every care to make our bibs safe for babies, anything which is around the babies neck should be removed while they sleep. Safety should always come first.

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