Do You Have a Crush on Mr Tumble? I Do!

I recently came across some wise advice on the internet that said, “never ever tell your toddler that Justin and Mr Tumble are the same person as it will break their heart.” It’s advice I’ve stuck to as both characters are big news in our house.

Maybe because he feels like part of our family with his everyday routine, I’ve started to fall a little bit in love with him. He actually makes me giggle and I’ve found myself repeating his jokes to my older children as I know they’ll get a laugh.

It’s amazing that what we find attractive in a man before parenthood suddenly changes as our lives are transformed with our delicate bundles of joy. All of a sudden, the nice guy rules as we fall in love with our spouses all over again as we watch them read a story, sing a lullaby or make baby laugh blowing bubbles on their belly. This is why Mr Tumble seems so attractive, our maternal instincts tell us that he’d make the best father; he’d be fun to be around, while his alter ego, Justin, would make great adult company.

If we became a little bored we could demand an outing of Mr Cool Tumble, Cliff Tumble, Aunt Polly or Lord Tumble, each coming complete with their own spotty bag!

The man must be a millionaire as he dominates the children channels with voiceovers, characters and a myriad of shows, yet he seems to be completely genuine which must be the secret to his success.

I’d never want to meet Mr Tumble as if I found him to be an arrogant self-obsessed luvvy I’d be mortified, for now the fantasy is just enough!

Justin’s house certainly is the place I’d like to play in, just don’t get me started on Robert the robot – oo young man!

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