Double Trouble – Twin Terrors

My brother has twin boys who have just turned 3 and has described the last 3 years as a complete haze.

He says he finally feels strong enough to re-enter the real world as he’s found the task of bringing up twins exhausting.

It’s interesting to hear about bringing up twins, as it seems so much different than rearing children with an age gap, no matter how small and even now he’s finding there are problems only associated with twins.

Sleeping has been a problem from day one, as one would wake the other, my brother and sister in law got used to snatching the odd hour where they could. With an older son of 5, they found that as th twins woke, he did too, so life seemed an endless battle of catching enough sleep to stay sane.

As the twins are identical they would teeth at the same time, however the opposite tooth would appear as if they were looking in a mirror. This was quite bizarre but obviously added to the sleepless nights!

Despite being twins they have a lot of differences from tastes in food to how warm they like their milk. One always likes to walk while the other likes to be carried, one is hyperactive and the other is calm and always well behaved. It makes outings difficult.

The twins despite being three cannot be understood by anyone outside of our family, this is because they have invented their own language. They can speak to each other for minutes and to their big brother yet to outsiders it sounds like gobbledegook.

Despite the extra work now they’ve turned three they’re much easier and it’s lovely to see them with such a close bond with each other yet they still don’t sleep through the night!

Do you have twins and if you do what differences have you noticed? If you have any advice for my brother too, I’am sure he’ll be forever grateful.

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