Dribble and dehydration

We here at Funky Giraffe bibs are a bit of an expert on dribble, so we wanted to share this advice, especially for those lucky enough to be getting off to somewhere where there actually is a summer this year.

Baby dribble is 98% water, so as the baby dribbles that will need topping up to avoid dehydration. Babies get dehydrated very easily as they are only little and don't have a lot of reserves of water and this is dangerous.

What to look out for

The baby may dribble less
For very young babies the fontanel (or soft spot on head) may appear sunken
The skin may have less elasticity
Less wet nappies and nappies with a strong odour
Your Baby may appear distressed or irritable
Sensible precautions will avoid problems, but if in any doubt always consult a doctor.

NHS website

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