Eating out with children - how it is possible to take your little one on a dinner date and survive!

Ok, it may not be like the romantic dates of your BB ( before baby!) lives, but it is still possible to go to dinner with your family and for it to be a relaxing ( if not intimate) occasion!

So take a look at our top tips and make a meal of it!

Have time on your side!

Choose a time when it is less likely to be busy at the restaurant, it will cut down on serving time and your little one might feel more relaxed ( i.e not as stimulated - aka as not having a tantrum!) in a quieter environment.

Book Ahead! Reserve your table, so no waiting around beforehand. Apart from finding out when is a good time to go, you can also check what equipment they have, like high chairs for example, oh and if they actually LIKE having children in their restaurants!

Eat BEFORE you go! Not you obviously.... but your baby! If you are still at the breastfeeding or bottle feeding stage, then feed your baby before you set off. Who knows- they might feel so sated they sleep through the whole dinner date! If your baby has progressed on to solids, prepare your own food before hand and ask for it to be heated up or speak to the waiter and get him to bring their food as quickly as possible!

Come Equipped! Make sure you have stocked up your changing bag with nappies, wipes ( useful for messy eaters too!) a couple of bibs and bottles or cup as appropriate.

Top Tip! Pack a couple of favourite toys or books to help keep your little one occupied, but beware the glare of others diners if they are the noisy kind! Dont leave it too long to get down from the table!

Dont expect it to be a long drawn out evening- keep it short and it is more likely to be a success. Keep Calm and dont be put off!

Even if your baby does start to make a fuss, try and stay relaxed and calm, remember little people are very good at picking up signals from those around them.

Most people will sympathise as pretty much every parent has found themselves in the same situation at one time or another. Think about what could be causing the situation, maybe they are over tired or need another feed.

Top Tip! Get moving for awhile as sometimes a change of scene or a new distraction can work wonders.

Have you any tips for eating out with young children and babies? Let us know!

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