Explore the Great Indoors with Your Kids

Its too cold to go out there, you dont want to but the kids do and believe me, even in this day and tech-filled age they still love jumping in the snow and making muddy tracks in the house. For most of the year thats a great thing. I mean the last thing I want to encourage my toddlers to do is to sit around in front of the TV all day long, I know full well that the day is coming soon enough when their computers, tablets, and gaming devices will turn them into royal couch potatoes.

Thing is, its freezing out there, and not only do I not fancy being out, I dont want either of them getting ill. So for today and maybe a couple of other days like today its totally fine that they want to laze around the house. Of course not indoor activity is centred around the TV, here are a few positive playtime tips based on how we spend a bundled up day together in the great indoors.

Bake their favourite treats, together All kids (99.99%) love sweet treats. Not very many of them are healthy and its for that reason we dont want to encourage they eat them all the time. A day inside however is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to healthy versions of their favourite snacks. Make some oatmeal cookies, or black bean brownies. Encourage them to help out, not only will they have a blast, theyll be learning valuable lessons about where their food comes from and how to make it themselves. Be warned; they will make a mess, and if theyre very young make sure theyre wearing a baby bib.

Create, paint and play music The telly isnt the only way to keep them entertained. Leave some paints lying around (water colour so they dont stain), or maybe some musical instruments. Now just a warning a xylophone, drum, or recorder dont usually sound wonderful when your kids are banging (or blowing) away at them, but just remember, youre inspiring them to be creative and one day it will all pay off. In the meantime, I suggest using earplugs, works a treat.

Make a movie If you have some Halloween leftovers, great. If not, no worries, just cut some old rags, some fun accessories, and use make-up and those water colour paints to make suitable costumes. Come up with a little story and set your camcorder to record. Have fun and get creative, use the attic to make a spooky horror movie. Theyre going to have a blast, and youll have a movie to remember your day together.

They might make a fuss at first when you dont let them play outside, but theyll stop moaning as soon as they find out about all the fun things you have in store for them. Once you start getting creative you yourself will be amazed at how many activities you can find to keep them busy, engaged and physically active.

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