Foster Your Baby’s Brain Development with ‘Motherese’

Long have we engaged with our babies through high-pitched, playful voices. Now recent research has found Motherese to be an effective means of creating a meaningful bond with our children.

Children come into a world that is completely awash in novel stimuli. To avoid being overwhelmed by novelty, children must create an internal ranking system that assigns value to input. This is where Motherese comes into play.

From brain scanning infants, researchers at Cambridge University have found that newborns value information more when its presented to them in a sing-song, lullaby-like manner. Lead researcher Dr Leong is even surprised by the findings, Although it sounds odd to us, babies really love listening to Motherese even more than adult speech. It holds their attention better and the speech sounds clearer to them. So we know the more Motherese the baby hears, the better the language development.

Dr Leong also found that babies tend to be more engaged when a caretaker is involved in face-to-face interactions. Face-to-face contact paired with the sing-song quality of Motherese is one of the best ways to bond with your child while simultaneously help their learning process.

Another factor that plays into how quickly and easily children take in new information is how nurturing and peaceful their upbringing is. Dr Leong notes that, If babies experience stress early in life, their brains develop a little too quickly and so rather than work out the very best connections they should make, they go with ones that are good enough. Love and caring for a child is the best way to foster brain connections and to create a flexible brain.

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