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We are heading towards the end of week 2 in lockdown!

How is it going for you?

We seem to be getting more used to it although toddler G’s sleep is even worse than usual!


Please comment below with any handy tips and tricks that you have found to keep your toddler happy and entertained I would love to share them on our blogs.


Make a farm!


We did this using our gardening tray but you could use a tuff tray or any surface.

It can get a bit messy so play outside or prepare to hoover up afterwards!

We used some grass, cornflakes and oats for the different fields and collected pebbles to make the road.

I also filled up a little plastic dish of water for a pond. Add a few animals or a tractor or two and engage your little one in play.

They can take food for the animals, plough oats with the tractor and splash in the pond. We added a rubber duck to our pond!

Just watch out if you have a dog, our pooch was very keen to eat the cornflakes in the tray!!


Threading sticks

Sometimes activities need little or no setting up at all!

My 18 month old really loved this and it entertained him for at least 15 minutes which is a fantastic time for a toddler!

You will need something with holes. We used our washing basket and sticks but you could use a colander and pipe cleaners too.

It couldn’t be more simple, let your little one poke sticks or pipe cleaners in and out of the holes.

It is a great way for them to practice fine motor skills!



Bunnies with toilet rolls

Looking for some Easter craft?

This is super simple and easy for little hands to manage.

You will need a couple of toilet rolls and some paint.

Use one roll for the round face and bend the other roll to make more of an oval shape for the ears.

Dip the ends of the rolls in paint and stamp them on paper.

You can add eyes and whiskers afterwards to make a proper little bunny!

These also work great on cards to send to friends and relatives.


No mess paint


This is fantastic for little ones like mine who don’t really like getting their hands dirty.

Pop a couple of different colour paints in to a zip lock bag on some paper and let your little one mush the colours together.

This is great for sensory play as it feels lovely to do and also wonderful for teaching them about colours and colour mixing.

You can do as many or as few colours as you choose but I found using just 2 worked the best.

You could even be a bit more adventurous like this design here:



5 little ducks


Who doesn’t love this nursery rhyme, this is a great way of using a game to introduce counting and number play.

You will need a large bowl or a tray, some paper plates or green play dough and some rubber ducks.

Cut the card into lily pad shapes or mould the play dough in to islands and pop the ducks on to them or on the water.

You could even add a bit of blue or green food colouring in to the water to make this even more exciting.

Sing the song 5 little ducks went swimming one day and then take the ducks out of the water as they swim away.

Make the mummy duck search for her ducks and then they can all get back together to play!

This combines water play, counting and singing so it’s a lovely experience for you both.




I hope these ideas inspire you a little and I really hope you are all staying well, safe and sane! Remember to message me or comment below with your ideas too! Take care Funky Fans! XX

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