Free 2- hour childcare for Danish parents so they can make more babies

Nurseries in Denmark have come up with a novel idea of encouraging parents to have more babies. They are offering a 2-hour free childcare so parents get the chance to spend time together, with the idea that they will hopefully use that time to pre-create.

The shortage of young children in Denmark is putting local nurseries’ future in danger. Dorte Nyman from Grasshopper Kindergarten explained that the lack of new babies has resulted to lower demand for nursery placement, and they are facing a cut in government funding. With no funding and reduced income, nurseries will have to cut staff numbers, making them unemployed.

Ms Nyman is expecting that 50% of their clients are going to take the offer, although lots of them are saying they are not likely going to use the free time to make babies.

Although the world’s population is exploding, Denmark is suffering from low birth rate. With the dwindling natural resources, low birth rate seems to be a good thing. However, with Denmark’s ever increasing older population, without the younger workforce, the country will not be able to support the pensioners and other people dependent on the state.

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