Fresh Ideas for Baby Keepsakes

Fresh Ideas for Baby Keepsakes

Your babys childhood is precious. The memories you build now will be with you for a lifetime. Your baby, however, will benefit from each moment but wont remember the details. Here are ways you can plan now so that the items you and your child use and enjoy now can become keepsakes for later.

Childhood Quilt
Your baby has adorable outfits that you love but will quickly be outgrown. Rather than giving them away, keep your favourite shirts, bandana bibs, baby blankets, and sleepwear. These can be cut and sewn together to make a quilt. Youll be able to look at each item and remember when your baby wore them. For step-by-step directions visit here. 

Photograph Collection
Thanks to digital photography, there is no shortage of baby pictures for the current generation of kids. While that has many advantages, it also has some drawbacks. The first issue is backing up photos. Too often we take countless pictures on our phones only to lose them all when our smartphone breaks or becomes lost. Even if you remember to back up your images, the volume of pictures can be a problem.

Plan now and begin gathering up images. Start making your child a collection of pictures to enjoy later. One favourite picture from each month is a good start, showing the progress as your baby grew. For each subsequent year, have a picture from their birthday and then a few key images from the year. Rename your childs copy of the images with his or her age when the picture was taken and other key information. First days of school and other special moments will be fun to relive with your child once he or she is older and will appreciate them.

Toy Time
We take plenty of pictures of our children. One thing we dont often document that our kids may wonder about are their favourite things. By the time our kids are old enough to wonder about their earlier days, their toys, books, and other items are probably long gone. Before those belongings or memories are lost to time, take a few moments to document those special days.

Gather your childs favourite stuffed animals together for a group picture and take a few pictures of your wee one hugging a bear or bunny. Take pictures of your children with their books or simply take a few notes as the years go by. State your childs age and which books or toys they like the best. We may remember when our kids start to walk but many of the other details start to fade. Your documentation now will be treated by your kids later and even by your grandkids when they ask what their parents were like at their age.

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