Fun Baby Games

Its playtime! Playing is probably the most enjoyable way to bond with your baby. You may be wondering what new games you can play to keep your young baby nice and occupied. Here are some simple games which we recommend to keep them happily entertained:

Peek-a-Boo A classic that will amuse them from only a few months up to at least up to the age of 2. You can play this game anywhere, whilst changing nappies, in a Mei Tai sling or even when you are travelling somewhere and your baby is bored. Its simple, but highly effective at keeping babies amused. All you need to do is cover your face with your hands and then let go with a bright and cheerful Peek-a-boo! Babies will be fascinated with your re-appearance, and they simply love the element of surprise that this game encompasses. You can mix it up by hiding your face behind a cushion or under a hat.

Tickle Songs These work well for babies that are over 6 months old. One of the most popular tickle song out there is Round and Round the Garden All you have to do is trace your finger round and round in your babys palm and then watch them giggle with delight as the end of the song approaches and they anticipate the tickle that is about to follow.

Bubble Fun It is an undisputed fact that most babies adore bubbles. Whether theyre in their car seat or their Mei Tai sling, any sign of bubbles will enchant your little one. Keep them mesmerised by blowing bubbles around them in the garden, and enjoy their fascination as the bubbles pop at their touch.

Patty Cake This age-old clapping game is known by many parents, and loved by many babies. It is also an effective way to improve your babys language skills through the repetition of the rhyme, and stimulate their sense of touch as they clap their little hands against yours.

Roll the Ball All you need for this is a soft ball, preferably brightly coloured. Roll it gently towards your baby and guide them to stop it rolling away and push it back towards you. This sounds extremely simple, but dont underestimate it! We find that this can keep babies entertained for a good while. If the ball is textured this will also help stimulate their sense of touch.

Rhyme Time Babies love the repetitive sounds of nursery rhymes, and they also love to listen to your voice. Regularly sing these for them at any opportunity to keep them entertained, especially if they are feeling cranky during bath time or fussing whilst getting their nappy changed. Not only will these keep your baby amused, they will also boost language skills and memory.

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