Fun Christmas Presents for Baby

Market research specialist, Verdict, is forecasting that people will have more money to spend this Christmas due to the recovery of the housing market and the vast amount of PPI compensation being paid out this year. Unfortunately, not all of us will have a sudden windfall this Christmas. If you’re feeling the pinch, you may not want to spend hundreds of pounds on presents for your baby nieces, nephews, (and even your own baby) only for them grow out of quickly. To help you, we put together a few Christmas presents ides that will give babies endless fun without breaking the bank.

Stacking cups
There are a number of variations of this in the market, costing between £6 and £16, depending on the design. But the one you can pick up for £6 in Early Learning is just as fun for babies as the expensive, decorated £16 version.
We bought one of this for our daughter for her first Christmas, and it was one of the toys she played a lot with throughout her baby and toddler years. She had so much fun stacking them and knocking them down. When our second baby arrived, he also got a lot of fun playing with it. Nine years on since we bought these stacking cups, the children still with them pins for a game of skittles.

Pop up toys
Anything they can bash is fun for babies, and if it makes noise on top of it, then you found a winning toy for a baby. Pop up toys, particularly those with hammers are just that, and educational at the same time. It helps babies recognise different shapes, colours and even different kinds of animals. Again, cost can vary from £10 to £50. Before forking out £50 for a toy, remember that babies can’t appreciate the monetary value of a toy.
Musical footprint mat
If the baby is already moving, musical mats can occupy him or her for a while. As the baby crawls, steps or jumps on it, it plays a tune. It’s better than a musical keyboard because it encourage babies to be active. As the baby grows, he can use it for counting steps or learning left and right movement. The best thing about it is that it can stand up to all kinds of abuse. Even adults can jump all over it.

Of course, if you are looking for more practical but funky present for babies, you can always choose our funky bandana bibs. For just £11, you get five bibs in different colours and design. We promise, you’ll be a hit with the parents.

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