Funny pregnancy traditions to predict your baby’s gender

“Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl”?! This surely must be the most common question all mums-to-be are asked, after.. “When is it due”?!

Tradition also has it, the sex of your baby will be determined by the diet you ate, prior to conception. Apparently, if you ate lots of diary, nuts and green vegetables, then you could be having a little girl. If you snacked on fizzy drinks, crisps and red meat, then you might well be having a boy!

Many expectant parents these days, do in fact want to know what sex their baby will be, it really comes down to personal choice in the end. As for me? Well I always feel it’s a little like unwrapping your Christmas presents early- very tempting, but do you really want to and how will you feel afterwards? Others take the view they would prefer to know what sex there baby will be, in order to feel more prepared. There isn’t a right or wrong answer, it’s what ever is best for you.

If you are tempted to find out and don’t want to wait for the ultrasound, we though we would round up some fun “Old Wives tales” gender predictor tests. Be warned- whatever the outcome, we wouldn’t suggest rushing out and buying all things blue or pink just yet! 

Feeling nauseous? If you have quite bad morning sickness, tradition says, you are expecting a girl!

Bump like a basketball and carrying all up front? Yep, it’s a boy!

A little weighty around the hips, and the bump is pressing on your bladder? Well, it’s probably a girl !

What to know if it’s a boy or a girl? You can tell in a heart beat! According to tradition, baby boys have a slower heart rate ( under 140 beats per minute) whilst baby girls hearts beat faster ( over 140 beats per minute)

What are you craving? Is it’s all sugary sweet things, then you could be expecting a girl! ( After all aren’t all little girls made of sugar and spice and all things nice?!) If it’s all about salt and spice, then you might be expecting a little boy! ( Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails! You get the picture!)

Heard about the Chinese Gender Chart? This Ancient Chinese tradition dates back hundreds of years, where legend has it a special gender chart was found inside a tomb. It is said to be about 90% accurate! The chart predicts your baby’s gender in accordance with the mum-to-be’s age at the time of conception, together with the month the baby was conceived in! Umm.... If you like the idea of trying this one, there are lots of examples on Google.

Bigger boobs than usual? Could be a girl then!

Glowing hair and skin? You could have a baby boy in there! Dull hair and spots? It’s a baby girl then, as tradition has it baby girls try and steal their mother’s beauty! Not sure about that one, since all babies are born gorgeous without even trying!

How about trying the wedding ring test? Some cultures use a threaded needle. Tie a wedding ring to a thread, lie down and ask someone to hold it over your bump. As far as the Old Wives tale is concerned, if it swing in a circle, you are expecting a girl and if it swings backwards and forwards, it’s a boy of course!

Feeling brave? If you mix a sample of baking soda with your urine and it fizzes, then it could be a boy! If there isn’t any reaction, it’s a girl...

Want to know if you hold the key to unlocking the surprise? Ask a friend to pick up a key, if she picks it up by the narrow part, it’s a girl. By the rounded part, a boy. ( Some traditions say the expectant mum should be the one to pick up the key, when a friend puts it in front of them)

Feeling hormonal? Well, it’s a girl in there! ( Cheek!)

Will you give any of these a go? Do you know of any traditions we might have missed? Have you tried them and they were proved right?!  Remember, nothing to with children is entirely predictable, but if you are determined to find out the sex of you baby before he or she is born, best wait for the ultrasound!

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