Get Fresh! 10 tips to keep your toddler safe during outdoor play

Now the weather is starting to heat up, you and your little one will no doubt be spending more and more time outdoors. Take a look at out top toddler tips for keeping safe in the garden.

Do a clean sweep! Make sure you have a good look around the garden for any possible safety hazards, such as gardening tools being left out or patio stones that have become loose and raised. Never leave your little one unattended in the garden.
Pool Party! Paddling pools provide hours of fun for your toddler, but remember to keep a close on eye on them, whilst they play as it is possible for a child to drown in a fee inches of water. When not in use, make sure you have drained all the water away.
Poisonous Plants! Make sure you have checked your garden for any poisonous plants, as we all know little ones are happy to put anything in their mouths- including dirt and berries.
Lock up your shed! Make sure your little one can’t wander into any out buildings and keep poisonous chemicals locked up.
Prune here there and everywhere! Low hanging branches or plants with sharp thorns, such as roses can be a safety hazard, so keep on eye and cut them back.
Child’s play! Keep your sand box covered, so as not to allow it to be used by the neighbourhood moggies! Choose one with it’s own lid.
We all scream for sun cream! It is important to slap on the suncream, as your little one can easily burn, even on a sunny day.
Grr to gravel! Be careful about gravel or little stones, as these can be a choking hazard if your toddler decides to eat it.
Bumps a daisy! Check any play equipment for possible wear and tear.
Hot stuff! If you decide to have a BBQ, keep your little one away from the grill and think about using disposable cups and plates.

If you take these simple precautions, you and your little one will have plenty of fun in the garden all summer long!  Have you seen our new summer inspired bib designs?

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