Getting Your Baby Eating Solids

Parents often complain about getting their little one onto eating solids, but it doesnt have to be that complicated. Find out about feeding baby big food here:
Getting Your Baby Eating Solids 
One thing that parents often struggle with is getting their baby to eat solid foods. Some babies are ready for solid foods at around eight months, but others refuse to start eating solids until they are much older. Unfortunately there is no magic formula for getting babies to start eating solid foods. But here are some strategies that you can try when you think your baby is ready to start weening:

Let Them Eat with Their Hands Boy can this get messy. And youll probably need to have a load of baby dribble bibs at the ready for this one because youll have to change the babys bib repeatedly. But, its a very effective way to convince babies to try solid foods. Some babies dont react well to eating off a spoon. But if you some mushy solid foot on a baby plate and let them eat it with their hands some of it might end up getting in their mouths. The sensory experience of being able to touch the food can convince some babies to try the food from their hands when they wont eat it off a spoon.

Go for the Grownup Food Some babies just dont like mushy bland baby food. And thats ok. As long as you choose adult food that isnt too spicy you can grind up some adult food in a food processor and let your baby try eating some of that. Babies who dont respond positively to bland baby food will sometimes eat adult food thats been ground up because they like the taste of the grownup food.

Keep Experimenting It might take some trial and error before you find solids that your baby finds appealing. Thats ok. Just keep trying. Baby yogurt is a food that many babies like as one of their first solid foods. Raw finger-sized veggies and some soft fruits are also foods that many parents have success with. Puffed rice and other small finger-sized foods work too. You may need to just keep trying new textures and new flavours until you find the right combination to entice your baby to start eating solids.

Make Sure Its Fresh Would you want to eat stale preserved food? No, you wouldnt. And your baby might not want to eat that either. Make sure that the food that youre using to get your baby to eat is fresh. Fresh food is always has a more appealing scent, taste and appearance its healthier too! Grind up fresh fruits and veggies and you might find that your baby takes to those fresh foods much better than tinned food or food in jars. And the leftovers will be appetising enough that if your baby doesnt want them you can eat them. Just to keep them from going to waste of course.

Dont Stress About It Your baby will ultimately be the one in charge of deciding when to eat solids, so dont stress yourself out about when your baby should start on them just keep your eye for those classic signs that you baby is taking an interest in your meals. Then, start slowly but surely, and soon enough, baby will start to enjoy solids as much as the rest of us!

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