Gift Ideas for Babies and Parents Who have it all

Your friend has just given birth. You have a new niece or nephew. Naturally, you would like to celebrate the new arrival; and what better way to do this than offering a gift. We give gifts to let people know they are special or for them remember us by. But, the unfortunate truth is, many of us can’t remember half the gifts we receive. Those that we remember are items that touched us deeply when we received them.

So, it make sense to make an effort to come up with something that shows you’ve thought about the process, rather than just hastily going to the nearest convenient shop. The pricey trinket box or matching newborn outfit may look a perfect gift, but you can bet your life that one in ten babies will be getting the same present. Worse still, three weeks later that matching outfit will not fit the baby and will end up in the charity shop sooner or later.

Sometimes the best gift is something that is free. You don’t need to spend hundreds to pounds to make the new family feel special. Here are two ideas that as parents, we would have loved to receive.

Babysitting time –Offering your time to babysit for your friends’ little one so they can have time together may not be not be tangible, but it will be memorable. And when everything is all and gone, all we are left with are fond memories. Having a new baby is tiring for both mother and father. A two-hour respite to spend time just as a couple can be extremely special.

Don’t forget the presentation. If you just simply tell the recipients of your present that babysitting for them is your present, they may not take you on it because they feel they are imposing on you. So, spend some time creating a voucher or a coupon that they can redeem from you.

Photo session – With digital and built-in cameras in mobile phone, everyone is now a photographer. However, it is still nice to have a family portrait taken by a professional photographer with the whole family together, not sans mummy or daddy. Many parents regret the fact that they didn’t take the time to have an official family portrait done when the children were still babies. Kids grew up so quickly and all parents are left with are the memories of their childhood. Once the baby moccasins, cute bandana bibs and baby blankets have been packed away and given to charity, pictures are the only tangible reminders of what the family had been. But with the chaos that the new arrival brings, arranging a professional photo session is probably the last thing in most new parents’ mind. So, spare them the regret later by arranging it. Photo sessions can be expensive though, so it is a good gift to give from a group of friends or from the whole family.

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