Going back to our roots! 10 toddler gardening tips

Have you been inspired to get back into the garden by the wonderful creations at this years Chelsea Flower Show? Now that the warmer weather ( well, the mostly warmer weather!) is here, it’s time to get fresh with your toddler and enjoy all the outdoors has to offer!

Check out our top tips for gardening fun with your little one.

1. Cover up! Gardening can get messy, so don’t dress your little one in their finest outfit. Pop them into some old clothes and use a bib or cover up for added protection. For a fresh look, why not choose one of our garden themed bibs or some flower designs? They might provide you with some added inspiration for the task ahead ( and they make for a cute pic too!)

2. Hat and suncream are also really important, even if you are only in the garden for a short time.

3. Cast aside any Chelsea Flower show aspirations for the time being and just enjoy letting your toddler “help” create their idea of the perfect garden!

4. Think about including sensory items in your garden, for example, paint some stones in different colours and dot them around the garden to aid colour recognition. You could have a go at creating your own wind chime too or they could paint flower pots.

5. If possible, include a vegetable patch, there’s is nothing more satisfying than seeing a normally fussy toddler tucking in to a tomato or carrot fresh from the garden ( washed first if course!)

6. Create your own herb garden - this can be done inside too if you don’t have a garden. You could also plant some window boxes with flowers if you don’t have outside space.

7. Toddler sized tools are a great idea, if you want your little one to enjoy digging and planting. If budget is an issue, why not make your own watering can from an old plastic bottle or milk carton, simply create a few holes ( saves overwatering by over enthusiastic toddler too!)

8. How does your garden grow? If the answer is slowly- that’s not going to work with your toddler as they are not long on patience! Choose plants and fruits that are easy to grow Marigolds, cherry tomatoes and sunflowers are great choices.

9. Sing garden themed nursery rhymes and look at some toddler books on gardening together.

10.  Finally do make sure you keep an eye out for hands in mouths and wash your little ones hands after you have finished in the garden. If you are pregnant, you should wear a pair of gloves.

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