Great Day Trips to Go on with Your Young Family

We know youre always on the lookout for ideas to keep your young children entertained and occupied. Sometimes, it is important just to get out of the house as little ones can get bored and restless cooped up at home. Below are some great day trip ideas to keep the whole family entertained.

1 Go to a park for a family picnic: Make sure you take the necessary equipment. We strongly recommend our super-handy all-purpose blankets waterproof and with thermal lining. These work nicely as picnic blankets and will also serve you well for wrapping up the kids during chilly evenings.

2 Go to a zoo/petting farm/aquarium. Zoos are fascinating for kids of all ages and they also prove to be educational by teaching them about animals. Petting farms can be even more exciting, allowing your kids to get up close with adorable animals such as rabbits and goats. At aquariums, youll often find even the tiniest of babies mesmerised by the colourful fish. We all love nature and none of us more so than our children!

3 Visit a theme park like Peppa Pig World. Most young children have an obsession with the cheeky cartoon pig Peppa and her little brother George. This park is perfect for very young children as it includes plenty of kid friendly rides, and indoor play area and a splash zone. Watch the little ones squeal with delight as they encounter the characters from their favourite pig family!

4 Take them to the seaside. This is a lovely day out for any young family. The little ones can enjoy their first glimpse of the sea and if it is a sunny day, ice-cream is a must! Take some snacks and waterproof all-purpose blankets so you can comfortably settle in and keep warm if it gets windy later.

5 Make a day trip to London. If you are not too far from London or live there, there are so many fun activities for young families nearby. You could visit one of the many museums with a dedicated area for smaller children in it. Some favourites include the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum, which have areas for babies and toddlers to interact and learn (even you grown-ups might learn a thing or two).

6 Take them to a matinee screening of a childrens show or pantomime. There are plenty of productions that are especially created with infants in mind that your child will thoroughly enjoy. Research the theatres in your town and city and youre very likely to find something that your child will love.

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